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  mGBA FAQs — Please read first
Posted by: endrift - 04-17-2015, 12:02 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Here's a smattering of common questions that have been answered already. More will be added as time goes on.

Q: How do I use multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer currently only works on the same computer. To start it, go to File > New Multiplayer Window. Then start the games in each window. Please note that this means that you need game controllers to control the individual players, one per player.

Q: The README says that vibrate, tilt and gyroscope are all supported, but I can't seem to figure out how they work.
A: Unfortunately as of 0.2.0, while they are indeed emulated and supported, they are not exposed to the Qt port. Vibrate is exposed as of the 2015-04-17 nightly. Accelerometer and Gyroscope are exposed and configurable as of the 2015-04-22 nightly. The tilt sensor uses two axes, one for X and one for Y, which are recommended to be on the same joystick. Gyroscopes use two as well, but for the gyroscope, games are controlled by rotating a joystick instead of angling it.

Q: Is Drill Dozer's variable speed vibrate emulated?
A: It is fully supported as of the 2015-05-22 nightly, and it may work (depending on the controller) in earlier nightlies.

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  HyperSpin / RocketLauncher support
Posted by: suspendedhatch - 04-15-2015, 09:41 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Just wanted to let you know that I requested that RockerLauncher (HyperLaunch) add support for your emulator and they did already. So now people will easily be able to add it to their HyperSpin (and other) frontend setups.


I see you've added joystick support, a RetroArch core and a whole bunch of other good stuff. Very cool. Thanks for making a GBA emulator focused on accuracy. That is very much gaining in appreciation these days. In the future I hope to see you add support for regular GB, GBC, SuperGame Boy etc.

Nice work!

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Information Introductions thread
Posted by: endrift - 04-13-2015, 03:36 AM - Forum: Chatter - Replies (11)

Hello and welcome to the mGBA forums! Are you new here and feel like introducing yourself? Looking for a bit of guidance getting started? Here's the thread for you.

Let me start. I'm endrift, the author of mGBA, and have been working on it for two years. Before that, I worked on a JavaScript version of the emulator for several more months. I also wrote a game in a month during that time, called Scrum: A Game (Very) Vaguely About Programming. In my spare time, I mostly program or do design work. My twitter is @endrift. How about you?

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  Upcoming tasks list
Posted by: endrift - 04-13-2015, 12:44 AM - Forum: Development - No Replies

Here's a list of tasks I intend to work on in mGBA, in a rough approximation of order:

Always Relevant

  1. Log more things! Stalled
  2. Test suite (Bug 182)
    1. Timing tests Stalled
    2. DMA tests Stalled
    3. Video tests Stalled
    4. Audio tests
    5. OOB ROM tests

medusa 0.1 Tasks
  1. Make a list.

0.8 Tasks
  1. SIO part 4
    1. Clean up GB multiplayer
  2. Save profiles (Issue 106)
  3. Multiple bindings (Issue 87) In Progress
  4. Redo key mapping (unfiled) In Progress
  5. Sappy/Smsh/M4A/MP2K emulation hooking/mixing (unfiled) Stalled
  6. Debug suite (Bug 132)
    1. Memory viewer string editor
    2. Instruction-level debugger

Potential 0.8 Tasks
  1. Cheats part 4
    1. More cheat format loading (In Progress)
    2. Rearranging
    3. Expressive cheat format
  2. Lua bindings (Bug 62)
  3. Plugin system (Bug 111)
  4. Game info window Stalled
  5. Deferred cleanup
    1. Fix debugger overflow (unfiled)
  6. Cheat search Stalled
  7. Use results of video tests to fix outstanding graphical issues (Bug 9)
  8. Python bindings (unfiled) Stalled
  9. Support i18n (Bug 63)
  10. More GB mappers
    1. TAMA5 Stalled
    2. MMM01 Stalled
    3. MBC6 Stalled
    4. HuC-1 Stalled
    5. HuC-3 Stalled
  11. Programmable HUD/overlays (unfiled)
  12. Android support (unfiled)
  13. Android Leanback support (unfiled)
  14. New software renderer (unfiled)

0.9 Tasks
  • Rename LR35902 to SM83
  • DLDI/libfat support (unfiled)
  • Video streaming (Bug 104)
  • Chunked savegame flushing
  • Async VFile writes
  • Wii Port improvements
    1. Accel to fake gyro conversion
  • Extensible savestates
    1. Optionally store old audio data in savestate
  • Video filter support part 2
    1. Presets
    2. Layering
  • Port mGUI to SDL
  • Wireless adapter (Bug 166) Blocked
  • Hardware-acceleration for 3DS (unfiled)
  • SIO part 5
    • Get Multi Boot working in lockstep driver Stalled
    • Implement frame transfer SIO driver (unfiled)
    • Finish JOY bus (Bug 73) ETA Unknown - external factors Stalled
    • Implement mesh driver
    • Implement serial driver for Teensy bus
  • e-Reader support (Bug 171) Stalled
  • Common Port improvements
    1. mGUI2
    2. Borders
    3. Gamma
    4. Axis mapping
    5. Improve scrolling Stalled
  • Cloud saves
    • Dropbox integration
    • WebDAV/Nextcloud integration?

1.0 Tasks
  • Rewrite RR
  • WASAPI support for Windows (unfiled)
  • Formalize API
  • Write API docs

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Question Forums suggestions
Posted by: endrift - 04-12-2015, 09:12 PM - Forum: General - Replies (14)

The forums are still nascent, so suggestions for how to improve things are welcome, and encouraged! Post such suggestions here.

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Exclamation Rules
Posted by: endrift - 04-11-2015, 06:02 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

The rules on these forums are intended to be simple and clear.

  1. Be civil. Not everyone has to get along, but if you intend to fight, don't do it here. Moreover, excessive outwards anger, swearing or hate speech may be considered uncivil as well.
  2. No piracy. Do not post links to or upload illegal content, and do not request illegal content.
Repercussions for breaking these rules are not yet established, so at the moment they will be decided on a case-by-case basis. As these forums are quite young, more rules may be added as considered necessary.

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