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[ps vita port][need help] Auto load rom for gba games bubbles.

I want to recompile mgba and add auto-load gba rom from directorie inside the vpk file.
To make bubbles of gba games directly in the live area.
I need help to find the load rom section in the code and compile it.

I was thinking of making something like a forwarder for this now that we know how to load argument strings back out, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Anyway, what you want to do is replace the call to mGUIRunloop in platform/psp2/main.c with a call to mGUIRun with the filename. Take a look at how the Wii version does it in platform/wii/main.c

Are you sure it is not "GBAGUIRunner"?
I see "font, "cache0:" (main.c psp2, 71th line).
I need to replace it with "font, "/nameoftherom.gba""?
"/" (main.c Wii, 162th line) is the root directorie of the app folder?

Howto compile it? (PSDK3v3 don't work, and cmake don't find vitasdk...)

That "/" is the initial folder, not a filename. You can't change it that way. (I should know, I wrote it.)

To compile it, make a build directory at the root of the source code, cd into it and do VITASDK=[path to SDK] cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../src/platform/psp2/CMakeToolchain.vitasdk.

"CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:2 (project):


is not a full path to an existing compiler tool."

is your Vita SDK in C:\vitasdk? Looking at this, I think there's a bug in my toolchain file that's not expecting it to be run on Windows, so I might need to fix that.

Quote:is your Vita SDK in C:\vitasdk?

Quote:I thinkĀ there's a bug in my toolchain file that's not expecting it to be run on Windows, so I might need to fix that.

Do you use linux to compile ? Can I do it in Live-USB?

I use macOS, but Linux generally works fine too. A LiveUSB might work if you have enough RAM to download the prebuilt (LiveUSB boots don't write the files back to the USB stick, but instead store them in RAM), but I should really fix that bug.

The bug might be fixed now, so please try again with a newer master.

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