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  How to use cheats?
Posted by: XxAndster700xX - 07-06-2015, 11:32 PM - Forum: General - Replies (13)

I am playing Pokemon Emerald and cant get the cheats i am using to work in-game. I have the master code entered and the code for the Pokemon i am trying to catch. I've tried closing out of the emulator and rebooting it. If someone could help me on this it would be veryyyyyy appreciated as i have been playing around with the cheats all day and this is my last resort. Thanks!!

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  Games do not automatically boot
Posted by: fox_whisper85 - 06-27-2015, 04:48 PM - Forum: General - Replies (5)

I reported an issue here on Github, regarding m-GBA and how ROMs do not automatically boot up upon loading them. I have tried both real BIOS and emulated BIOS modes, skipping the intro, not skipping the intro, and no matter what I do, I have to pause the emulator then resume in order for the ROM to boot up. My issue has been posted here https://github.com/mgba-emu/mgba/issues/48 and I can only hope that eventually, someone looks into it. The versions I tried were 0.21 official and the recent developer builds, neither resolve this issue, and no one else can seem to reproduce it. Would it help if I captured video of it with nVidia Shadowplay and upload it to YouTube to show what I'm talking about? I'm very baffled here and I want to enjoy this emulator even more, I just don't know why the games don't boot up automatically.

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  Game Boy Advance Test Suite
Posted by: endrift - 06-26-2015, 12:37 AM - Forum: Development - Replies (16)

In the interest of furthering the state of Game Boy Advance emulation, I've been writing a test suite that tests various aspects of hardware. At the moment, it only tests timing operations, but way more will be coming in the future. Source code is available on GitHub.

Memory tests
Each test contains 44 configurations. The current version contains 1552 tests total.


  1. mGBA (master): 1552 passes
  2. higan v107: 1552 passes
  3. mGBA (0.8.0): 1532 passes
  4. NO$GBA 3.0 (BIOS): 1394
  5. VBA-M 2.1.4: 1337 passes
  6. VGBA 5.5: 1255 passes
  7. NO$GBA 2.8e: emulation crashes

I/O read tests
The current version contains 123 tests.
  1. higan v103: 123 passes
  2. NO$GBA 3.0: 122 passes
  3. mGBA (0.8.0): 116 passes
  4. VBA-M 2.1.4: 100 passes
  5. VGBA 5.5: 10 passes

Timing tests
Each test contains 20 (or 10 if only an ARM version is supported) configurations:
  • ROM 4/2 waitstates, no prefetch
  • ROM 4/2 waitstates, prefetch
  • ROM 3/2 waitstates, no prefetch
  • ROM 3/2 waitstates, prefetch
  • ROM 4/1 waitstates, no prefetch
  • ROM 4/1 waitstates, prefetch
  • ROM 3/1 waitstates, no prefetch
  • ROM 3/1 waitstates, prefetch
  • WRAM
The current version contains 1560 tests total.

  1. mGBA (0.8.0, BIOS): 1540 passes
  2. mGBA (0.8.0): 1520 passes
  3. higan v103: 1300 passes
  4. NO$GBA 2.8e: 968 passes
  5. VBA-M 2.1.4: 679 passes
  6. VGBA 5.5: 4 passes
  7. NO$GBA 3.0 (BIOS): varies

Timer count-up tests
The current version contains 936 tests total.

  1. mGBA (0.8.4, BIOS): 744 passes
  2. mGBA (master, no BIOS): 639 passes
  3. mGBA (0.8.4, no BIOS): 610 passes
  4. VBA-M 2.1.4: 440 passes
  5. NO$GBA 3.0 (BIOS): 172 passes

Timer IRQ tests
Each test contains 10 configurations. The current version contains 90 tests total.

  1. mGBA (0.8.0): 70 passes
  2. higan v107: 36 passes
  3. VBA-M 2.1.4: 8 passes
  4. NO$GBA 3.0: varies

Shifter tests
Each test contains 2 configurations. The current version contains 140 tests total.

  1. NO$GBA 3.0: 140 passes
  2. higan v107: 132 passes
  3. mGBA (0.8.0): 132 passes
  4. VBA-M 2.1.4: 132 passes

Carry instruction tests
Each test contains 3 configurations. The current version contains 93 tests total.

  1. mGBA (0.8.0): 93 passes
  2. higan v103: 93 passes
  3. NO$GBA 3.0: 93 passes
  4. VBA-M 2.1.4: 93 passes
  5. VGBA 5.5: 93 passes

Multiply long instruction tests
Each test contains 2 configurations. The current version contains 72 tests total.

  1. mGBA (0.8.4): 52 passes
  2. NO$GBA 3.0: 52 passes
  3. VBA-M 2.1.4: 52 passes

BIOS math tests
Each test contains 5 cases: the outputs in registers r0 through r3 and the program state flags. Note that for most of these tests, r0 is the only important case, although some games may rely on the other values. The current version contains 625 tests total. These tests only apply to emulators with HLE BIOS.

  1. mGBA (0.8.0): 625 passes
  2. VBA-M 2.1.4: 425 passes
  3. NO$GBA 2.8e: emulator crashes
  4. mGBA (0.5.2): emulator crashes
  5. VGBA 5.5: emulator crashes

DMA tests
The current version contains 1256 tests total.

  1. mGBA (0.8.0): 1232 passes
  2. NO$GBA 3.0: 1060 passes
  3. VBA-M 2.1.4: 1032 passes
  4. VGBA 5.5: 998 passes

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  Collection of interesting cheat codes/fixes
Posted by: GH56734 - 05-28-2015, 07:49 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hopefully as my way to give back something to this emulator, in case it gets support for cheat lists (and maybe patches - something like ips/ups codes to be applied to the rom but included in the cheat list file) to cover some interesting stuff enhancing the emulation experience...

If this is okay, this thread should be a compendium of interesting cheat codes from around the internet covering obscure stuff - mainly codes to enable e-Reader content in Japanese and English versions. It could be really helpful for game releases from regions that never had the codes in question. Also covered would be some other peripherals (including probably ones already emulated by mGBA).

So, here I go Tongue

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3
PAL version
European regions never had the e-Reader software officially released, but the ROM does include the ability to scan US e-Cards and all e-Reader features fully translated. The fourth option is just... hidden.
A blank PAL save file with the fourth option is available online, but a cheat code could be more useful in our case (especially since people get to keep their old PAL saves this way).

While I couldn't manage to find the "enable flag for file select screen layout including the e-Reader option", I found the next best thing... a code that forces the cursor to select the invisible e-Reader "Level Card" option. Doesn't display the number though like in the US version or the hacked PAL save, and doesn't enable R button (scan switch cards) in main game.
It's a memory code, couldn't convert it to CB format and have it working :/


US version
Codebreaker codes:
Released in US/JP
83002D52 0001 Blue Green Switch (SMB2U vegetables in main game)
83002D52 0040 Orange Switch (fireball kills drop coins)

Released in JP
83002D52 0002 Cyan Switch (1/2 P-Meter)
83002D52 0010 Green Switch (Slows timer for 50 seconds)
83002D52 0100 Yellow Switch (Luigi has flutter jump)
83002D52 0400 Blue Switch (every 1-Up becomes 3-Up)
83002D52 0A00 Red Switch (harder enemy variants, double score)

83002D52 0020 4000 Points Switch (third enemy stomp in a row = 1-Up)
83002D52 0004 1-Up Mushroom Switch (blocks containing 1-Ups give 3-Ups)
83002D52 2000 Double Health Switch (boss HP x 2)
83002D52 1000 Floating Platform Switch (saves from bottomless pits twice)
83002D52 0008 Hold Box Switch (SMW item box with infinite uses)
83002D52 4000 Luigi Demo Switch (Luigi replaces Mario in replays)
83002D52 0080 Two-Hit Switch (Mario always revert to small when hit)

These effects can be combined. For example:
83002D52 2080 = Double Health Switch + Two-Hit Switch

Here's the entire breakdown of what each bit from right to left does for 83002D52 XXXX:
01 = 0001 = BlueGreen (SMB2U vegetables)
02 = 0002 = Cyan (halves P-Meter)
03 = 0004 = Unreleased (1Up blocks > 3Up)
04 = 0008 = Unreleased (SMW Hold Item Box)
05 = 0010 = Green (Slow Timer)
06 = 0020 = Unreleased (4k-Pt Row Jump bonus)
07 = 0040 = ? Orange (Fireball kills drop coins)
08 = 0080 = Unreleased (Costume Mario > small when hit)
09 = 0100 = Yellow (Luigi w/ SMB2 jump)
10 = 0200 = ? (score x 2 for everything, 1/2 Red effect)
11 = 0400 = ? Blue (all 1-Up > 3-Up)
12 = 0800 = ? (harder enemies, 2/2 Red effect)
13 = 1000 = Unreleased (Pit Saver Platform)
14 = 2000 = Unreleased (Boss HP x 2)
15 = 4000 = Unreleased (Luigi in Demos)
16 = 8000 = ? -unknown-

There's more..

Megaman Zero 3
JP version

US version (unreleased)
e-Cards for MMZ3 were never released in the US, and their functionality was eventually restored in the DS port, but the data is still available in the US ROM, fully working and translated. (No idea about PAL rom?)
These are Codebreaker codes:

Main Set

All of these effects can be activated at the same time; none are mutually exclusive.
Zero's weapons and defense

82002438 0800 Zero's Defense is now doubled.
8200243A 0400 The Attack of BusterShots has increased by 1.
8200243A 2000 The Attack of BusterShots has increased by 2.
82002440 0010 The Attack of BusterShots has increased by 3.
82002438 0004 Attack of Z Saber increased by 1.
82002442 0002 Attack of Z Saber increased by 2.
82002442 0200 Attack of Z Saber increased by 3.
8200243A 0002 Attack of Recoil Rod has increased by 1.
8200243C 8000 Attack of Recoil Rod has increased by 2.
82002440 2000 Attack of Recoil Rod has increased by 3.
8200243A 0040 Attack of S.Boomerang has increased by 1.
8200243C 0400 Attack of S.Boomerang has increased by 2.
8200243E 0800 Attack of S.Boomerang has increased by 3.
8200243E 8000 Attack of Animal elves Beetack and Beenipe have increased by 3.
82002440 0001 Attack of Animal elves Archim and Archil have increased by 3.

Bonus items
8200243A 1000 A new door has appeared somewhere in the Resistance Base.
82002440 1000 Fish now jump around the Resistance Base harbor.
8200243A 4000 You have a new friend somewhere on the first floor of the Resistance Base.
82002438 0040 You have a new friend somewhere on the second floor of the Resistance Base.
8200243A 0001 You have a new friend somewhere on the second floor of the Resistance Base.
8200243C 4000 You have a new friend somewhere on the second floor of the Resistance Base.
8200243E 0010 You have a new friend somewhere on the second floor of the Resistance Base.
8200243E 0040 You have a new friend somewhere on the second floor of the Resistance Base.
8200243E 0080 You have a new friend somewhere on the second floor of the Resistance Base.
82002440 4000 You have a new friend somewhere on the third floor of the Resistance Base.
82002440 8000 You have a new friend somewhere on the third floor of the Resistance Base.
82002442 0004 You have a new friend somewhere on the third floor of the Resistance Base.
82002442 0010 You have a new friend somewhere on the third floor of the Resistance Base.
82002442 0020 You have a new friend somewhere on the third floor of the Resistance Base.

Aesthetical changes
82002438 0020 Design of Nurse elves has changed.
8200243C 0008 The design of Animal elves has changed.
82002440 0002 The design of Hacker elves has changed.
82002438 0200 The design of Alouette's clothing has changed.
8200243C 0010 Andrew looks younger now.
8200243E 0008 The conversation with the Resistance fighter in the watchtower at the right side of the base has changed.
8200243E 1000 The conversation with the Resistance fighter in the watchtower at the left side of the base has changed.
8200243A 0200 A mysterious Cyber-elf has appeared somewhere in the Resistance Base.
8200243E 0200 A mysterious Cyber-elf has appeared somewhere in the Resistance Base.
8200243C 0002 A flower has bloomed on the Resistance Base roof.
82002438 0001 Potted plant added to Resistance Base, somewhere.
82002440 0400 Potted plant added to Resistance Base, somewhere.
8200243A 0008 There is a lost cat somewhere in the Resistance Base.
8200243C 0080 There is a lost cat somewhere in the Resistance Base.
8200243C 0040 Seagulls now fly in the sky above the Resistance Base.
8200243A 0800 A painting has been hung from the Resistance Base wall.
8200243C 1000 Somebody has drawn graffiti on the Resistance Base wall.

Message Window Mods
Use the CodeBreaker code 32002474 00XX, where XX is the dialogue box ID (XX=00~08).
The design of the message window has changed.

Title Screen Mods
Changes the title screen image at the left side of the screen.
Use the CodeBreaker code 32002475 00XX, where XX is the desired image ID (XX=00~04).
Title background picture has changed.

Ciel's Computer Mods
Use the CodeBreaker code 32002478 00XX, where XX is the desired computer ID (XX=00~04).

Other Graphical Mods

Base Environ - 32002477 00XX
01 It is now nighttime at the Resistance Base.
02 It is now snowing at the Resistance Base.

Elevator Design - 32002476 00XX
01 Design of elevator in Resistance Base changed.
02 Design of elevator in Resistance Base changed.

Life Pickup Design - 32002479 00XX
01 The design of Life Energy has changed.
02 The design of Life Energy has changed.

E-Crystals Design - 3200247A 00XX
01 The design of the E-Crystals in the game has changed.
02 The design of the E-Crystals in the game has changed.

Secret Disk Design - 3200247B 00XX
01 The design of Secret Disks has changed.
02 The design of Secret Disks has changed.

Z Panel Design - 3200247C 00XX
01 The design of the Z Panels in the game has changed.
02 The design of the Z Panels in the game has changed.

Buster Shot Design - 3200247D 00XX
ID Text Displayed Effect
01 The design of BusterShot bullets has changed.
02 The design of BusterShot bullets has changed.

Unreleased e-Cards (even in Japan)
Codes for US version
Group 1 - 82002438 XXXX
0008 P. Guardian energy increased by 4.
0010 P. Hunter energy increased by 4.
0400 Attack of Animal elves Archim and Archil have increased by 1.
Group 2 - 8200243A XXXX
0080 Attack of Animal elves Beetack and Beenipe have increased by 1.
Group 3 - 8200243C XXXX
0020 Attack of Animal elves Archim and Archil have increased by 2.
0100 Attack of Animal elves Beetack and Beenipe have increased by 2.
Group 4 - 8200243E XXXX
Group 5 - 82002440 XXXX
0004 Energy of Crossbyne has increased by 4.
0008 Energy of P. Base has increased by 4.
0100 Energy of P. Aqua has increased by 4.
Group 6 - 82002442 XXXX
0001 Attack of Animal elves Archim and Archil have increased by 4.
0008 Energy of P. Bomber has increased by 4.
0040 Energy of altered P. Aqua has increased by 16.
0800 Energy of PurpleNerple increased by 4.
1000 Energy of Shellcrawler increased by 4.
2000 Energy of Icebon increased by 4.
4000 Energy of G. Cannon increased by 4.
8000 Energy of Claveker increased by 4.
Group 7 - 82002444 XXXX
0001 Energy of Shotcounter increased by 4.
0002 Energy of Grand Cannon increased by 4.
0004 Energy of Shrimpolin increased by 4.
0008 Energy of Batring increased by 4.
0010 Energy of P. Cannon increased by 4.
0020 Energy of Volcaire increased by 4.
0040 Energy of Snakecord increased by 4.
0080 Energy of Lemmingles increased by 4.
0100 Energy of Lamplort increased by 4.
0200 Energy of Tile Cannon increased by 4.
0400 Energy of Shelluno increased by 4.
0800 Energy of Heavy Cannon increased by 4.
1000 Energy of Mothjiro increased by 4.
2000 Energy of C. Cannon increased by 4.
4000 Energy of Calibee G increased by 16.
8000 Energy of Deathlock increased by 4.
Group 8 - 82002446 XXXX
0001 Energy of Gyro Cannon increased by 4.
0002 Energy of Sharkseal X increased by 4.
0004 Energy of Or Wormer increased by 16.
0008 Energy of Blanc Wormer increased by 16.
0010 Energy of Locomo IF increased by 16.
0020 Energy of Beeserver increased by 16.
0040 Energy of Megamilpa increased by 16.

Megaman Battle Network 4
JP version
US/EU version
Codebreaker codes working for both versions of MBN4, and for US/EU regions.

More codes: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qcyocb5oo41g0cd/MMBN4_Card.zip

MegaMan Color Modifier
3203BEE7 00XX

00= Default
01= Red
02= Yellow
03= White
04= Green

MegaMan Buster Modifier
3203BEC9 00XX

0B= Break Buster
1B= CirKill Shot?
20= Water Gun
21= Flower Gun
26= 100 Damage Reflect
34= Crack Panel
35= Poison Panel
36= Crack Out
4A= Chip Destroy
59= Add Confusion
5A= Add Blind
62= Guard 1
68= Grass Panel
69= Ice Panel
6A= 50 Damage Reflect

MegaMan Chargeshot Modifier
3203BECA 00XX

04= Zap Ring
05= Wood Tornado
06= Shadow Style Invis
0A= Search Soul Scope Gun
0F= SearchMan Scope Gun
28= Guts Machine Gun
29= Cannon
2A= Mini Bomb
2B= Heat Shot
2C= Bubble Shot
2D= Thunder 1
2E= Sword
2F= Spreader
37= Copy Damage
38= Wide Shot 1
3A= Thunder 2
3D= Invis
3E= Wide Sword
42= Dark Hole
43= Wide Shot 2
44= Sand Ring
45= Energy Bomb
46= Thunder 3
48= Triple Crack Out
49= Long Sword
4B= Full Custom Gauge
4C= Wide Shot 3
4E= Wind Rack
4F= Mega Energy Bomb
50= Cannon Ball
51= Bug Bomb
52= Wide Blade
53= Long Blade
55= Panel Return
5B= Blizzard
5C= Heat Breath
5D= Wood Powder
5E= Repair
60= Elec Shock
61= Poltergeist
64= Sonic Boom

MegaMan B+Left Modifier
3203BECC 00XX

25= Shield
26= 100 Damage Reflect
27= Anti Damage
31= Random Anti Chip
36= Crack Out
3C= Double Crack Out
40= Recover+10
41= Lance
45= Energy Bomb
48= Triple Crack Out
54= North Wind
55= Panel Return
5F= Air Shot

(The values for buster, chargeshot and B+left modifiers are interchangeable.)

MegaMan Navi Customizer Triggers
Super Armor On = 3203BEC1 0001
Float Shoes On = 3203BEC2 0001
Air Shoes On = 3203BEC3 0001
Under Shirt On = 3203BEC4 0001
Buster Attack 10 = 3203BEC5 0009
Buster Attack 15 = 3203BEC5 000E
Custom Screen 8 = 3203BED2 0008
Custom Screen 10 = 3203BED2 000A
First Barrier On = 3203BEE1 0001
Start with Barrier 100 = 3203BEE1 0002
Start with Barrier 200 = 3203BEE1 0003
Start with Black Barrier = 3203BEE1 0004
Start with Life Aura = 3203BEE1 0006
Start with Bass GS Life Aura? = 3203BEE1 0007

Start in Full Synchro
3203BEDF 0001
3203BEE2 0001

All Guard Mod (Permanent Armor)
3203BEE8 0001

MegaMan Panel Change Modifier
3203BEDB 00XX

01= Break Panel
02= Normal Panel
03= Cracked Panel
04= Poison Panel
05= Metal Panel
06= Grass Panel
07= Ice Panel
08= Lava Panel
09= Holy Panel
0A= Sand Ring Panel
0B= Dark Hole Panel

MegaMan Bug Modifier
Movement Bugs
3203BECD 00XX

10= Movement to Front Bug
20= Movement to Back Bug
FF= Confusion

HP Bug
3203BECE 000A

Custom Screen HP Bug
3203BECF 0006

Max HP Modifier

XXXX= 16-Bit Hexadecimal number value
ex. 03E8=1000

Menu Color Modifier
3200A448 00XX

00= Roll Pink
01= Operation Green
02= Night Black
03= Megaman Blue
04= RedSun/BlueMoon

Static Data Block
83006FA8 E012
83006FD0 B5FF
83006FD2 4E03
83006FD4 2700
83006FD6 6037
83006FD8 46C0
83006FDA 4902
83006FDC E7E5
83006FE0 1550
83006FE2 0200
83006FE4 2130
83006FE6 0200

This code is needed for every other code to work properly.

Unlock Mod Screen
(Use In A New Game)
32002256 0020

(Use In A Completed Game)
32002256 00FF

Mod Card Description Offsets
0A Description Offset = 02001EA0
0B Description Offset = 02001EFC
0C Description Offset = 02001F58
0D Description Offset = 02001FB4
0E Description Offset = 02002010
0F Description Offset = 0200206C

Each description has to be edited manually and must start with 02 00 F6 02 39 6C 03 F0 00 00 and end with ED FF.

Mod Card Assignment
XX= Hex Number Value Of Mod

0A = 32004653 00XX
0B = 32004654 00XX
0C = 32004655 00XX
0D = 32004656 00XX
0E = 32004657 00XX
0F = 32004658 00XX

ex. 2A= Mod 042

85= Buster: Mini Bomb (0A)
01= HP+100 (0A)
02= HP+100 (0C)
03= HP+150 (0B)
04= HP+150 (0A)
05= HP+200 (0A)
06= HP+200 (0B)
07= HP+250 (0C)
08= HP+250 (0A)
09= HP+300 (0A)
0A= HP+300 (0B)
0B= First Barrier 100 (0C)
0C= Blind Buster (0A)
0D= Grass Buster (0A)
0E= Panel Change: Metal (0D)
0F= Panel Change: Crack (0D)
10= Panel Change: Break (0D)
11= Custom2 (0A)
12= MegaFolder2 (0D)
13= Buster Attack 10 (0A)
14= Charge: Guts Machine Gun (0E)
15= Charge: Cannon (0E)
16= Charge: Mini Bomb (0E)
17= Charge: Heat Shot (0E)
18= Charge: Bubble Shot (0E)
19= Charge: Thunder 1 (0E)
1A= Charge: Sword (0E)
1B= Charge: Spreader (0E)
1C= PET Blue (0F)
1D= PET Pink (0F)
1E= PET Green (0F)
1F= HP+350 (0B)
20= HP+350 (0C)
21= HP+400 (0A)
22= HP+400 (0B)
23= HP+450 (0B)
24= HP+450 (0C)
25= HP+500 (0E)
26= HP+500 (0A)
27= B+Left: Air Shot (0D)
28= B+Left: Random Anti Trap (0D)
29= B+Left: Bug Bomb (0D)
2A= B+Left: Crack Out (0D)
2B= Crack Buster (0A)
2C= Swamp Buster (0A)
2D= First Full Synchro (0C)
2E= First Barrier 200 (0C)
2F= Buster: Guard 1 (0A)
30= Buster: Crack Out (0A)
31= Buster Attack 15 (0A)
32= GigaFolder1 (0B)
33= Charge: Copy Damage (0E)
34= Charge: Wide Shot 1 (0E)
35= Charge: Blizzard (0E)
36= Charge: Heat Breath (0E)
37= Charge: Elec Shock (0E)
38= Charge: Wood Powder (0E)
39= Charge: Panel Return (0E)
3A= Charge: Wide Sword (0E)
3B= MegaMan Color: Red (0C)
3C= MegaMan Color: Yellow (0C)
3D= HP+550 (0B)
3E= HP+550 (0D)
3F= HP+600 (0C)
40= HP+600 (0A)
41= HP+650 (0E)
42= HP+650 (0B)
43= HP+700 (0A)
44= B+Left: Mega Energy Bomb (0D)
45= B+Left: Recovery 10 (0D)
46= B+Left: Panel Return (0D)
47= B+Left: North Wind (0D)
48= B+Left: Lance (0D)
49= B+Left: Double Crack (0D)
4A= Triple Support Part 1 (0B)
4B= Triple Support Part 2 (0C)
4C= All Guard Part 1 (0C)
4D= All Guard Part 2 (0D)
4E= First Life Aura (0C)
4F= Charge: Dark Hole (0E)
50= Charge: Wide Shot 2 (0E)
51= Charge: Zap Ring (0E)
52= Charge: Sand Ring (0E)
53= Charge: Energy Bomb (0E)
54= Charge: Thunder 2 (0E)
55= Charge: Repair (0E)
56= Charge: Triple Crack (0E)
57= Charge: Long Sword (0E)
58= PET Black (0F)
59= MegaMan Color: White (0C)
5A= MegaMan Color: Green (0C)
5B= HP+700 (0B)
5C= HP+750 (0A)
5D= HP+750 (0B)
5E= HP+800 (0A)
5F= HP+800 (0B)
60= HP+850 (0A)
61= HP+850 (0B)
62= HP+900 (0E)
63= HP+900 (0B)
64= HP+950 (0B)
65= HP+1000 (0E)
66= Ice Buster (0A)
67= Charge: Full Custom Part 1 (0D)
68= Charge: Full Custom Part 2 (0E)
69= Panel Change: Holy (0D)
6A= Buster: Reflect (0A)
6B= Buster: Flower (0A)
6C= Buster: Water Gun (0A)
6D= MegaFolder3 (0C)
6E= Custom3 (0D)
6F= GigaFolder1 (0A)
70= B+Left: Triple Crack (0D)
71= Charge: Wide Shot 3 (0E)
72= Charge: Thunder 3 (0E)
73= Charge: Wind Rack (0E)
74= Charge: Mega Energy Bomb (0E)
75= Charge: Cannon Ball (0E)
76= Charge: Bug Bomb (0E)
77= Charge: Wide Blade (0E)
78= Charge: Long Blade (0E)
79= Roll Soul (0E)
7A= Guts Soul (0E)
7B= Wind Soul (0E)
7C= Search Soul (0E)
7D= Fire Soul (0E)
7E= Thunder Soul (0E)
7F= Proto Soul (0E)
80= Number Soul (0E)
81= Metal Soul (0E)
82= Junk Soul (0E)
83= Aqua Soul (0E)
84= Wood Soul (0E)

Mod Activators
YY = 43 (A4 for Blue Moon)
ZZ = 00 (95 for Blue Moon)

000 - Buster: Mini Bomb (0A)
32000455 00YY
32005D99 00ZZ

001 - HP+100 (0A)
320003D1 00YY
32005D15 00ZZ

002 - HP+100 (0C)
320003D2 00YY
32005D16 00ZZ

003 - HP+150 (0B)
320003D3 00YY
32005D17 00ZZ

004 - HP+150 (0A)
320003D4 00YY
32005D18 00ZZ

005 - HP+200 (0A)
320003D5 00YY
32005D19 00ZZ

006 - HP+200 (0B)
320003D6 00YY
32005D1A 00ZZ

007 - HP+250 (0C)
320003D7 00YY
32005D1B 00ZZ

008 - HP+250 (0A)
320003D8 00YY
32005D1C 00ZZ

009 - HP+300 (0A)
320003D9 00YY
32005D1D 00ZZ

010 - HP+300 (0B)
320003DA 00YY
32005D1E 00ZZ

011 - First Barrier 100 - HP Bug (0C)
320003DB 00YY
32005D1F 00ZZ

012 - Blind Buster - Movement to front Bug (0A)
320003DC 00YY
32005D20 00ZZ

013 - Grass Buster (0A)
320003DD 00YY
32005D21 00ZZ

014 - Panel Change: Metal (0D)
320003DE 00YY
32005D22 00ZZ

015 - Panel Change: Crack (0D)
320003DF 00YY
32005D23 00ZZ

016 - Panel Change: Break (0D)
320003E0 00YY
32005D24 00ZZ

017 - Custom2 - Custom HP Bug (0A)
320003E1 00YY
32005D25 00ZZ

018 - MegaFolder2 - Custom-1 Bug (0D)
320003E2 00YY
32005D26 00ZZ

019 - Buster Attack 10 - HP Bug (0A)
320003E3 00YY
32005D27 00ZZ

020 - Charge: Guts Machine Gun (0E)
320003E4 00YY
32005D28 00ZZ

021 - Charge: Cannon (0E)
320003E5 00YY
32005D29 00ZZ

022 - Charge: Mini Bomb (0E)
320003E6 00YY
32005D2A 00ZZ

023 - Charge: Heat Shot (0E)
320003E7 00YY
32005D2B 00ZZ

024 - Charge: Bubble Shot (0E)
320003E8 00YY
32005D2C 00ZZ

025 - Charge: Thunder 1 (0E)
320003E9 00YY
32005D2D 00ZZ

026 - Charge: Sword (0E)
320003EA 00YY
32005D2E 00ZZ

027 - Charge: Spreader (0E)
320003EB 00YY
32005D2F 00ZZ

028 - PET Blue (0F)
320003EC 00YY
32005D30 00ZZ

029 - PET Pink (0F)
320003ED 00YY
32005D31 00ZZ

030 - PET Green (0F)
320003EE 00YY
32005D32 00ZZ

031 - HP+350 (0B)
320003EF 00YY
32005D33 00ZZ

032 - HP+350 (0C)
320003F0 00YY
32005D34 00ZZ

033 - HP+400 (0A)
320003F1 00YY
32005D35 00ZZ

034 - HP+400 (0B)
320003F2 00YY
32005D36 00ZZ

035 - HP+450 - HP Bug (0B)
320003F3 00YY
32005D37 00ZZ

036 - HP+450 - Confusion Bug (0C)
320003F4 00YY
32005D38 00ZZ

037 - HP+500 (0E)
320003F5 00YY
32005D39 00ZZ

038 - HP+500 - HP Bug (0A)
320003F6 00YY
32005D3A 00ZZ

039 - B+Left: Air Shot (0D)
320003F7 00YY
32005D3B 00ZZ

040 - B+Left: Random Anti Trap (0D)
320003F8 00YY
32005D3C 00ZZ

041 - B+Left: Bug Bomb (0D)
320003F9 00YY
32005D3D 00ZZ

042 - B+Left: Crack Out (0D)
320003FA 00YY
32005D3E 00ZZ

043 - Crack Buster (0A)
320003FB 00YY
32005D3F 00ZZ

044 - Swamp Buster (0A)
320003FC 00YY
32005D40 00ZZ

045 - First Full Synchro (0C)
320003FD 00YY
32005D41 00ZZ

046 - First Barrier 200 - HP Bug (0C)
320003FE 00YY
32005D42 00ZZ

047 - Buster: Guard 1 (0A)
320003FF 00YY
32005D43 00ZZ

048 - Buster: Crack Out (0A)
32000400 00YY
32005D44 00ZZ

049 - Buster Attack 15 - HP and Confusion Bug (0A)
32000401 00YY
32005D45 00ZZ

050 - GigaFolder1 - Custom Screen HP Bug (0B)
32000402 00YY
32005D46 00ZZ

051 - Charge: Copy Damage (0E)
32000403 00YY
32005D47 00ZZ

052 - Charge: Wide Shot 1 (0E)
32000404 00YY
32005D48 00ZZ

053 - Charge: Blizzard (0E)
32000405 00YY
32005D49 00ZZ

054 - Charge: Heat Breath (0E)
32000406 00YY
32005D4A 00ZZ

055 - Charge: Elec Shock (0E)
32000407 00YY
32005D4B 00ZZ

056 - Charge: Wood Powder (0E)
32000408 00YY
32005D4C 00ZZ

057 - Charge: Panel Return (0E)
32000409 00YY
32005D4D 00ZZ

058 - Charge: Wide Sword (0E)
3200040A 00YY
32005D4E 00ZZ

059 - MegaMan Color: Red (0C)
3200040B 00YY
32005D4F 00ZZ

060 - MegaMan Color: Yellow (0C)
3200040C 00YY
32005D50 00ZZ

061 - HP+550 (0B)
3200040D 00YY
32005D51 00ZZ

062 - HP+550 (0D)
3200040E 00YY
32005D52 00ZZ

063 - HP+600 (0C)
3200040F 00YY
32005D53 00ZZ

064 - HP+600 (0A)
32000410 00YY
32005D54 00ZZ

065 - HP+650 (0E)
32000411 00YY
32005D55 00ZZ

066 - HP+650 - HP Bug (0B)
32000412 00YY
32005D56 00ZZ

067 - HP+700 - Confusion Bug (0A)
32000413 00YY
32005D57 00ZZ

068 - B+Left: Mega Energy Bomb (0D)
32000414 00YY
32005D58 00ZZ

069 - B+Left: Recovery 10 (0D)
32000415 00YY
32005D59 00ZZ

070 - B+Left: Panel Return (0D)
32000416 00YY
32005D5A 00ZZ

071 - B+Left: North Wind (0D)
32000417 00YY
32005D5B 00ZZ

072 - B+Left: Lance (0D)
32000418 00YY
32005D5C 00ZZ

073 - B+Left: Double Crack (0D)
32000419 00YY
32005D5D 00ZZ

074 - Triple Support Part 1 (0B)
3200041A 00YY
32005D5E 00ZZ

075 - Triple Support Part 2 (0C) - Enable both for Rush, Beat & Tango support.
3200041B 00YY
32005D5F 00ZZ

076 - All Guard Part 1 (0C)
3200041C 00YY
32005D60 00ZZ

077 - All Guard Part 2 (0D) - Enable both for permanent armor, but you also get HP Bug.
3200041D 00YY
32005D61 00ZZ

078 - First Life Aura - HP Bug - (0C)
3200041E 00YY
32005D62 00ZZ

079 - Charge: Dark Hole (0E)
3200041F 00YY
32005D63 00ZZ

080 - Charge: Wide Shot 2 (0E)
32000420 00YY
32005D64 00ZZ

081 - Charge: Zap Ring (0E)
32000421 00YY
32005D65 00ZZ

082 - Charge: Sand Ring (0E)
32000422 00YY
32005D66 00ZZ

083 - Charge: Energy Bomb (0E)
32000423 00YY
32005D67 00ZZ

084 - Charge: Thunder 2 (0E)
32000424 00YY
32005D68 00ZZ

085 - Charge: Repair (0E)
32000425 00YY
32005D69 00ZZ

086 - Charge: Triple Crack (0E)
32000426 00YY
32005D6A 00ZZ

087 - Charge: Long Sword (0E)
32000427 00YY
32005D6B 00ZZ

088 - PET Black (0F)
32000428 00YY
32005D6C 00ZZ

089 - MegaMan Color: White (0C)
32000429 00YY
32005D6D 00ZZ

090 - MegaMan Color: Green (0C)
3200042A 00YY
32005D6E 00ZZ

091 - HP+700 - Poison Panel Change Bug (0B)
3200042B 00YY
32005D6F 00ZZ

092 - HP+750 (0A)
3200042C 00YY
32005D70 00ZZ

093 - HP+750 - HP Bug (0B)
3200042D 00YY
32005D71 00ZZ

094 - HP+800 (0A)
3200042E 00YY
32005D72 00ZZ

095 - HP+800 - Poison Panel Change Bug (0B)
3200042F 00YY
32005D73 00ZZ

096 - HP+850 (0A)
32000430 00YY
32005D74 00ZZ

097 - HP+850 - HP Bug (0B)
32000431 00YY
32005D75 00ZZ

098 - HP+900 (0E)
32000432 00YY
32005D76 00ZZ

099 - HP+900 - HP Bug (0B)
32000433 00YY
32005D77 00ZZ

100 - HP+950 - HP Bug (0B)
32000434 00YY
32005D78 00ZZ

101 - HP+1000 (0E)
32000435 00YY
32005D79 00ZZ

102 - Ice Buster (0A)
32000436 00YY
32005D7A 00ZZ

103 - Charge: Full Custom Part 1 (0D)
32000437 00YY
32005D7B 00ZZ

104 - Charge: Full Custom Part 2 (0E) - Enable both for charge shot Full Custom, but you also get Custom -2.
32000438 00YY
32005D7C 00ZZ

105 - Panel Change: Holy - Custom HP & HP Bug (0D)
32000439 00YY
32005D7D 00ZZ

106 - Buster: Reflect - HP Bug (0A)
3200043A 00YY
32005D7E 00ZZ

107 - Buster: Flower (0A)
3200043B 00YY
32005D7F 00ZZ

108 - Buster: Water Gun
3200043C 00YY
32005D80 00ZZ

109 - MegaFolder3 - Custom -1 (0C)
3200043D 00YY
32005D81 00ZZ

110 - Custom3 - Custom HP Bug (0D)
3200043E 00YY
32005D82 00ZZ

111 - GigaFolder1 (0A)
3200043F 00YY
32005D83 00ZZ

112 - B+Left: Triple Crack (0D)
32000440 00YY
32005D84 00ZZ

113 - Charge: Wide Shot 3 (0E)
32000441 00YY
32005D85 00ZZ

114 - Charge: Thunder 3 (0E)
32000442 00YY
32005D86 00ZZ

115 - Charge: Wind Rack (0E)
32000443 00YY
32005D87 00ZZ

116 - Charge: Mega Energy Bomb (0E)
32000444 00YY
32005D88 00ZZ

117 - Charge: Cannon Ball (0E)
32000445 00YY
32005D89 00ZZ

118 - Charge: Bug Bomb (0E)
32000446 00YY
32005D8A 00ZZ

119 - Charge: Wide Blade - Movement to front Bug (0E)
32000447 00YY
32005D8B 00ZZ

120 - Charge: Long Blade - Movement to front Bug (0E)
32000448 00YY
32005D8C 00ZZ

121 - Roll Soul - HP Bug (0E)
32000449 00YY
32005D8D 00ZZ

122 - Guts Soul - HP Bug (0E)
3200044A 00YY
32005D8E 00ZZ

123 - Wind Soul - HP Bug (0E)
3200044B 00YY
32005D8F 00ZZ

124 - Search Soul - HP Bug (0E)
3200044C 00YY
32005D90 00ZZ

125 - Fire Soul - HP Bug (0E)
3200044D 00YY
32005D91 00ZZ

126 - Thunder Soul - HP Bug (0E)
3200044E 00YY
32005D92 00ZZ

127 - Proto Soul - HP Bug (0E)
3200044F 00YY
32005D93 00ZZ

128 - Number Soul - HP Bug (0E)
32000450 00YY
32005D94 00ZZ

129 - Metal Soul - HP Bug (0E)
32000451 00YY
32005D95 00ZZ

130 - Junk Soul - HP Bug (0E)
32000452 00YY
32005D96 00ZZ

131 - Aqua Soul - HP Bug (0E)
32000453 00YY
32005D97 00ZZ

132 - Wood Soul - HP Bug (0E)
32000454 00YY
32005D98 00ZZ

A few things:
. The cheats work for both U & E versions of BN4.
. Every mod except 103 & 104 can be assigned to any value; They don't have to be assigned to their official values.
. Blue Moon soul unison mods work in Red Sun and vice versa.

Rockman EXE 4.5
JP version

Megaman Battle Network 5
JP version

US version
The e-Reader cards were never released and the menus were hidden but the functionality is still there!
Here's a long list of codes to enable all cards to each of the 32 available slots. I only wish they weren't encrypted AR files so that their format would be easier to read and hence to combine...

Megaman Battle Network 6
JP version
Partial set of CB codes. Here is a far more valuable topic, with a link to a Japanese page with a save editor.
Unlock Kaizou Screen (MUST BE ON)
32001CA7 0080

Flatzer Version Enabler
420006C0 0000
0000003A 0002
32000734 0000
42005048 8D8D
0000003A 0002
320050BC 008D

Gregar Version Enabler
420006C0 0000
0000003A 0002
32000734 0000
42005048 4343
0000003A 0002
320050BC 0043

0MB used in Kaizou Screen
3200661A 0000

32 card slots in Kaizou screen
320065F0 0020

82006620 XXYY
82006622 XXYY

YY - first card
XX - second card
ZZ - slot number

32006620 0000 Brak karty
32006620 0001 Canodumb
32006620 0002 Amonacule /
32006620 0003 Cold Bear /
32006620 0004 Jiira
32006620 0005 Megalia
32006620 0006 Meta Fire /
32006620 0007 Kill Plant /
32006620 0008 Dark Shadow
32006620 0009 Bombeetle
32006620 000a Heavy Array
32006620 000b Azomata /
32006620 000c Jellime /
32006620 000d Volcano /
32006620 000e Numbers
32006620 000f Magutekuto /
32006620 0010 Kumosu /
32006620 0011 Bomboy
32006620 0012 Wood Note /
32006620 0013 Pikaler /
32006620 0014 Ele-Ogre /
32006620 0015 Darasuto /
32006620 0016 Senbon /
32006620 0017 Hit Desta /
32006620 0018 Gra San
32006620 0019 Kakajii /
32006620 001a Zero Preen
32006620 001b Remugon
32006620 001c AllMan
32006620 001d Yakarn
32006620 001e Tsuboryuu
32006620 001f Number Man
32006620 0020 IceMan /
32006620 0021 SkullMan
32006620 0022 ShadowMan
32006620 0023 CutMan
32006620 0024 KnightMan
32006620 0025 ToadMan /
32006620 0026 MagnetMan /
32006620 0027 PlanetMan /
32006620 0028 BeastMan
32006620 0029 DesertMan
32006620 002a YamatoMan
32006620 002b VideoMan
32006620 002c BurnerMan /
32006620 002d StarMan
32006620 002e BlizzardMan /
32006620 002f SwallowMan
32006620 0030 SlashMan
32006620 0031 KillerMan
32006620 0032 GroundMan
32006620 0033 DustMan
32006620 0034 BlastMan /
32006620 0035 CircusMan
32006620 0036 Handies
32006620 0037 Pukool /
32006620 0038 Jelly /
32006620 0039 Poitton /
32006620 003a Satella
32006620 003b Parala & Remokogoro /
32006620 003c Yura /
32006620 003d Takoball /
32006620 003e Shellkie /
32006620 003f Magnicker /
32006620 0040 Mete Mage /
32006620 0041 Momoguran
32006620 0042 Nido Caster
32006620 0043 Twinz
32006620 0044 Walla
32006620 0045 Kill Boo /
32006620 0046 Toto Pole /
32006620 0047 Cano Guard
32006620 0048 Skullabia
32006620 0049 Dragrin /
32006620 004a Marina /
32006620 004b Doldara /
32006620 004c Gunner
32006620 004d Pul Foron /
32006620 004e Bom Corn /
32006620 004f Morikyuu /
32006620 0050 Hanhoo /
32006620 0051 Nightmare
32006620 0052 Storm
32006620 0053 Assassin Mecha
32006620 0054 StoneMan
32006620 0055 ColorMan
32006620 0056 SharkMan /
32006620 0057 PharaohMan
32006620 0058 AirMan
32006620 0059 FreezeMan /
32006620 005a ThunderMan /
32006620 005b NapalmMan /
32006620 005c PlantMan /
32006620 005d MistMan
32006620 005e BowlMan
32006620 005f DarkMan
32006620 0060 TopMan
32006620 0061 KendouMan
32006620 0062 ColdMan /
32006620 0063 SearchMan
32006620 0064 CloudMan /
32006620 0065 FootMan
32006620 0066 ChargeMan
32006620 0067 TenguMan
32006620 0068 DiveMan /
32006620 0069 JudgeMan
32006620 006a ElementMan
32006620 006b Punk
32006620 006c Dark Rockman
32006620 006d Soul Battler's Customize
32006620 006e Meijin's Perfect Customize
32006620 006f ForteBX
32006620 0070 Django
32006620 0071 Hakushaku
32006620 0072 Rockman Zero
32006620 0073 Cyber Beast Greiga
32006620 0074 Cyber Beast Falzer
32006620 0075 Forte Cross Rockman

Play as Protoman


US version
Localized versions butchered lots of content from main game to meet draconian cartridge space limits, and the crossover Boktai quest as well as e-Reader content was simply deleted altogether (some story/boss content got integrated in main game). Enabling the e-Cards with cheats will just give broken cards with correct descriptions but which will crash the game/not work.
JP version is more interesting in that regard.

Regarding MBN4, MBN5 and MBN6's e-Reader abilities, there's this project going on covering all of these: http://github.com/Prof9/mmbn-mod-card-kit/releases
No such luck for Battle Chip Gate hardware

Mario vs Donkey Kong 1
Had secret e-Reader support for a bunch of extra rare e-Cards that were given to only 2000 people worldwide as part of a contest. Even then, only 5 levels were actually released. The levels are contained on the rom and are 12 (US)/13 (JP) and different for each region (and besides those there's an extra test level)

US version
The e-Reader level menu can be accessed by changing the value at 034E09C4 from 18 (normal menu) to 1A, and the list of preloaded levels can be accessed by changing it to '1C' after choosing "Add Level". The thirteenth level on the list is a dummy level, probably for testing.

JP version
Same as US version, but the levels are different? Trying the above method displays two menus for scanning e-Cards and preloaded levels, but I can't figure out how to actually access those.

EU version

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  Feature Request Thread?
Posted by: GH56734 - 05-25-2015, 01:30 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Hi there Smile

Really pleased with how open you are with feedback, and seeing as this may be the de-facto portable GBA emulator down in the future, I figured I might want to elaborate a bit on my.. wish list of stuff I'd really, really love to find in the game Tongue

So, without further ado, here I go Tongue

Color Correction

The older GBA models lacked back-lighting, hence why some games tended to overcompensate with altering their palettes to look far brighter than needed. As later models included back-lighting, some games disregarded this.
It would be lovely to have some custom palette correction options, kind of like with NES palettes.

SAPPY Sound Emulation Enhancements

GBA sound output is, bluntly put, often horrible. Sound gets processed through the CPU, and in most games it just tends to get the shorter end of the stick.
That aside, for games that do get the sound processed to the full potential of the hardware, the sound quality is full of crackling and noise, kind of like how sound gets distorted through phones.

While some games rely on chiptunes/GB sounds (Starfy 1, Castlevania HoD, Super Robot Taisen J), or the internal sound samples themselves have a very low bitrate to save ROM space (Lunar), ... in most cases, the sound samples found within the ROM are much higher quality than what gets output.

I often used this tool "GBA Music Ripper". It's a bit of a work-in-progress, and there are bugs at times (having to do with some instruments not being figured out, or in the case of both Golden Sun games not at all due to them using a different sappy format with reverb and stuff like that).

However, the sappy format is really widespread and almost universal in GBA games, and this tool takes the rom and rips all music, voice samples and sound effects, in sets of SoundFont files (.sf2) and midi files (midi). Using a tool like foobar to read the soundtrack, even Mother 3, often cited as a highlight of sound engineering in the GBA, pales compared to the ripped version which sounds like from a DS game. Zelda Minish Cap is a delight.

So, what I'm asking for is...

This reminded me a huge lot of 3D models rendering in shit resolutions... then emulators added upscale options to process the game's assembly instructions for graphic displaying (in our case it would be sound emulation) as normal, then recognizing specific calls to graphic hardware (here sound hardware, or just sappy sound engine assembly instructions), overriding them when it comes to end-user output to show a custom higher quality model/sound output done in real time.

Would this be possible here? I have the feeling this would be the biggest drawing point to this emulator if this ever materialized.

Debugger Suite

To help fan-translators and such folks.

Well, for starters we'd need some basic stuff, namely:
1/ Cheat support (we have already a really good base work, besides editing/deleting cheats it would also need external cheat files)
2/ Powerful cheat search engine (relative search with ability to set initial values, searching specific value, searching value equal to a given address, displaying values signed/unsigned/hex), and options for bigger/lower/equal... should be assigned to hotkeys in-game with HUD optionally displaying and telling how many results are there.
3/ Search for ranges of unused memory addresses throughout the game that never get written to aside from instructions blanking whole memory, could be running in the background as we play.
Useful for translators to find where to stuff their custom code.
4/ Save States, Rewinding, Frame Advance, Pause key, Reset key

With that out of the way:
1/ VRAM viewer (with ability to switch between various GBA modes)
2/ Map viewer (with ability to see what each square from each BG is from)
3/ OAM viewer (with info like rotation/palette/etc, palette viewer and exporter to same format as VBA, )
4/ Hex viewer/editor (divided by memory types ROM/VRAM/SRAM/...) and the ability to extract a specific range to an external file, pick a custom table (tbl) to change what each hex byte displays as as a letter/char in the right column (ascii, shift-jis, given by default, with option to get an external tbl file)

5/ you can drag to select a given area in either hex viewer or map/vram viewer, then
a: copy it to the clipboard (for VRAM: as a bitmap, for HEX: depending if it's the letter area or the hex area, as a string of characters/hex bytes selected in raw text)
b: paste with overwriting from the first byte onwards, byte number gets unchanged
c: track from ROM : meaning, relying on the rewind feature, tracking where this byte originated from in the ROM - either until a MOV instruction of a block of stuff from the rom, an LZ/Huffman compression scheme or just displaying the instruction that generated it the instant we reach a dead-end.
Figuring out where stuff is in the ROM is the bane of translators Tongue
d: watch value for RAM addresses. Like with SNES9X, it can show a tiny HUD with the value real time in-game. Could be useful too if available in the cheat engine

Of course, there's the debugger:
1/ Disassembler
2/ All Breakpoint options (on write, on read, on execute, run, break...) with keyboard shortcuts too Big Grin
3/ A good status viewer of various hardware flags
4/ Tracer (just dumps all instructions executed between instants t1 and t2)
5/ Assembler (like with FCEUX)

Unemulated Stuff

* Various rumble features: GB Player Rumble, Drill Dozer variable Rumble, WarioWare Rumble...
could use smartphone rumble, joypad rumble, wiimote rumble, or alternatively just a colored HUD square (that turns orange, or shades of orange/yellow/red for Drill Dozer's variable speed rumble)

* Key mapping for gyro controls in Yoshi/WarioWare with various schemes - key inputs with four keys, wiimote emulation (better), wiimotion plus/gyroscopic smartphones (best). And maybe the screen could rotate too?

* Figurine stuff (LegendZ, among 4 other games, but it's really obscure)

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  mGBA compared to MESS
Posted by: geertjan - 05-16-2015, 10:57 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Hi, thanks for pushing GBA emulation to the next level!

I had a question, I noticed MESS implemented some GBA improvements taken from mGBA, which is cool of course, the power of open source.

Now this ConsUME site says that MESS (or UME) "is, in our opinion, at least as good as the best standalone emulators for this system."

Would you agree that MESS and mGBA are on the same level of accuracy/compatibility, or do you think mGBA still has an edge?

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  [Linux] Joypad inputs
Posted by: nicodemus - 05-14-2015, 02:06 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Using mgba-qt, the program didn't seem to catch all the inputs from my 360 controller. It recognizes it, but only grabs a few input presses (mostly main joystick, and one trigger.)

Is this a known issue? Can I help troubleshoot in any way?


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  Praise and Questions!
Posted by: nicodemus - 05-13-2015, 11:52 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Thanks so much for doing this! We are in desperate need of a modern emulator built from the ground up. Also thanks for the early Linux support!

Q1) Is there a gui for the linux version? I seem to only have a CLI command. If I have this right you wrote the GUI in QT, that should make it easy to get going under Linux, yes? For reference I'm on Kubuntu 15.04 using the nightly.

Q2) What anti-aliasing process are you using under Windows, and can I use it under Linux? It seems to wash out the colors and smudge the image a bit, but at least it's an option. Smile

Q3) I'm very much looking forward to filters coming to mGBA, as it's one of the big things that makes me choose to emu over standard play. What do you hope to implement and how likely do you think it is for it to make it into version 3?

Q4) When do you expect v3 to release, roughly?

Thanks again for everything! mGBA is now my goto emu as it performs flawlessly for me, while VBAM does not.

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  GBA colour emulation
Posted by: angrykaspar - 04-29-2015, 01:19 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

A while ago I asked about this in an email, but since there was no reply I assume you missed it. Sorry if you're reading it twice.

Do you have any plans for a colour correction filter? GBA games were oversaturated to compensate for the poor screen of the GBA. I first noticed the issue on Golden Sun 2, which I'd already extensively played on an original GBA and an SP. The game was fine even on the backlit SP, but on an emulator without a desaturation filter, every instance of black appears maroon. VBA-M and No$GBA are the two emulators I can think of with such a filter.

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  Fps target
Posted by: angrykaspar - 04-25-2015, 11:15 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Is this option necessary if you have the emulation synchronized to audio? I would have thought that the emulator would already run at 59.7fps if the audio was running at the right speed.

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