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  Map Save/Load State to Gamepad/Keyboard
Posted by: daas - 12-21-2015, 10:46 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

I think this would be a nice option. You might have to make the new saves overlay menu gamepad/keyboard controllable too. Use of direction keys and what you have selected as the "A" button might be best for usability, and "B" button to exit that new menu.

PS, I'm loving the 0.3.2 update.

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  vba to mgba?
Posted by: kikoken678 - 12-20-2015, 03:30 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

how do i use my .sav from my vba game on mgba when i put it in the same folder as the .gba file it doesn't load that .sav what am i doing wrong? also what is the gameshark thing for (new to emulating)

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Bug [BUG-Regression(?)] mGBA 0.3.2 - Multiplayer hangs.
Posted by: Darkness Knight - 12-17-2015, 11:42 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Hi, I tested the new version and the emu hang in multiplayer, this is with the game Mario Kart Super Circuit.


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  Curious, Moziall Public License
Posted by: Sniffsnaff - 12-09-2015, 08:22 PM - Forum: General - No Replies


As I have myself never really seen the point of the Mozilla Project License, I am a little curious as to why this license was chosen for mGBA instead of e.g. the GPL?

I respect your choice, of course, and I am mostly asking out of curiosity.

Thank you for a great emulator!

Edit: and of course I misspelled the title...

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  3DS build environment
Posted by: thammi - 12-08-2015, 06:16 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

I found this project searching for homebrew software on the 3DS. My last handheld before the 3DS was a GBA and I was happy to get a chance to play those games again. Thanks for your work! Some games are having performance issues on the N3DS right now and I would like to look into possible performance enhancements. I have experience in embedded development but am new to emulators.

Unfortunately I was not able to build mGBA for the 3DS. Are the build scripts for 3DS included in the repository or do you use a custom setup which is not included? Could you please help me setup the build system? I have devkitARM and libctru installed and was able to build other homebrew applications.

Thanks in advance and thanks again for your work on this project!


edit: just noticed that I was working on the release tarball and not the git master ... making some progress now.

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  Config file / Keyboard setup (Something that's been bugging me for a while)
Posted by: Mikerochip - 12-05-2015, 09:51 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)


Superb emulator!
And my thanks for creating it Smile

Castlevania (Circle of the Moon) has never looked so crisp!
(If a tad bright!)

I'm running mGBA on Windows 10 x64, (I previously ran it on Win 8.1).
(It happened on 8.1 also, btw)

My question:

Is there a way to use the CTRL / ALT / SHIFT keys by themselves?
Whenever I remap the keys, it always treats those keys as a modifier key.

I have an Ultimarc keyboard encoder, set up under the original Hotrod / Mame key bindings.
(CTRL, ALT, Space, SHIFT, Z, X, C with player one start = 1)

I looked up the QT key values from here, http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qt.html#Key-enum

and tried converting the hex values there to decimal, and manually entering them in the INI file!
Which doesn't work!

Or. Well. It does. It works fine,
but I get random program crashes every time I try to use the program for more than a few mins.
(Sometimes within a few seconds of starting gameplay)

If you want to reproduce it quickly, try playing Super Streetfighter.
It rarely lasts to the end of the first round.
(In both windowed and fullscreen)


So, I'm using

I tried just using SHIFT, X, Z and Space, and that works too, but, while crashes are less frequent, they still happen within the first minute of execution.

Any ideas?

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  Config file?
Posted by: cycyx - 12-05-2015, 12:02 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Hello there,

I'm using mgba-sdl on Arch Linux, and was wondering if you could provide a detailed configuration file, in order to allow us to change keyboard mapping for example.

Also, having a key to quit the emulator would be nice: launching mgba in fullscreen will lead to a painful experience when you want to quit...

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Thumbs Up Shaders!
Posted by: angrykaspar - 11-26-2015, 03:26 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

I think this is a big deal. Thanks for the great work Smile.

I was wondering, could we please get that AGB001 shader with just the colours and not the "pixels"? It's neat, but shaders only work in fullscreen for me, and I think because of a non-integer stretch, the gaps between the "pixels" are uneven. So the horizontal black lines in-between pixels are sometimes one pixel tall, and sometimes two pixels tall. Sometimes the green sub-pixel is one pixel wide, and at others, two pixels wide. It would be perfect if we could get either just a colour shader, or if we could have integer stretch in fullscreen mode.

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  Autofire option?
Posted by: kout - 11-22-2015, 09:07 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)


Is there support for autofire? That is, toggling the repeated press of a button. VBA had the option to activate it with Alt+1 I believe, but I've looked over in the settings and haven't found it on mGBA (though perhaps it's using a different name). It's really useful for certain games, such as the Pokémon ones.

Thanks, and congratulations on the superb emulator, endrift! Your work here is amazing Smile

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  Game Boy Advance Documentation
Posted by: endrift - 11-13-2015, 07:24 PM - Forum: Development - No Replies

Master post of all GBA documentation:

GBATEK Errata:
  • BLDALPHA is readable (but BLDY is not)
  • Sprite semitransparency overrides brighten/darken modes in BLDCNT—but only if the sprite blends, i.e. has a target 2 beneath. This is mentioned in GBATEK but is not made clear. Affects Golden Sun fights.
  • WIN wrapping is not described properly. Affects Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald battle intros in caves. TODO: write docs on how
  • Audio registers all either read out 0s or disallows writes when SNDCNT_X has the audio circuit disabled TODO: determine which
  • JOY register descriptions are sometimes backwards with respect to RECV and SEND. TODO: Needs clarification
  • Game Boy Player rumble documentation doesn't work with Pokémon Pinball Ruby/Sapphire, which uses variable speed (PWM) rumble. TODO: Needs investigation
  • GamePak "variable strength" rumble in Drill Dozer is just PWM.
  • BLDCNT, BLDALPHA and BLDY are not latched during scanlines and can be updated at any point during rendering.

  • DMA source and dest registers cannot have invalid addresses written to them; the write will fail and the old value sticks TODO: determine valid ranges
  • DMA3 from SRAM to ROM (and possibly visa versa) causes the GBA to hardlock
  • DMA1 and 2 can read SRAM and ROM TODO: Can it write ROM?
  • DMA0 reads back (mostly?) zeroes from SRAM TODO: How much of this is my flashcart?
  • TODO: remember/find out more

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