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  Issues with 0.7 beta1
Posted by: Lightcatcher - 11-04-2018, 01:03 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Despite my last thread (I'm still very happy) i found some problems with the newest beta:

Turtles II - Back From The Sewers (Gameboy)
Everytime you reach a new level you should hear a voice shouting "Cowabunga". And if you press pause there should be a voice shouting "Pizza Time". 
But instead of the voices you hear only a deep distorted noise. Sounds a little bit like a 8bit explosion sound.

Prehistorik Man (Gameboy)
In this case the music is buggy. Because actually you can't hear all 4 channels (Square 1, square 2, Wave, Noise). 
To be sure I downloaded the .gbs file and opened it with foobar2000 and the "Game Emu Player" plugin.
And now I can say that 0.7 beta1 only plays the Wave and the Noise channel with this game. Square 1 and 2 should be there but are inactive.
Here is a video how the game music should sound:

That's all for now, but I let you know if I find more issues.

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Heart Thank you for 0.7 beta 1
Posted by: Lightcatcher - 10-31-2018, 10:53 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Dear endrift,

almost two years ago I discovered this site and mGBA. At that time I wrote this post:
Sound Quality & Palette Customizing
Since then I used mGBA more than any other emulator and updated to every new version of it. I may be a quite follower (never wrote another post) but I visited this site very often. 
mGBA is still my favourite for GB, GBC and GBA games! 

Yesterday I installed the 0.7 beta 1 version and was soooo impressed and really happy. Because finally mGBA has all the improvements I adressed in my post back in Februar 2017.
The sound is now absolutely clear for me in 0.7. I love it!
But my favourite improvement is the new color function for backgrounds and sprites.
And it is not just like I wished for it... it is even better!  Heart
VBA just had the option to customize the background color and all sprites. And until now I thought this is the best of what is possible in a Gameboy emulator. 
It blew me away that mGBA 0.7 has two palettes for sprites! o_O I tried it with a few games and it looks awesome. In Zelda: Link's Awakening e.g. the second sprite palette is for all liftable items and some special effects. Thank you so much for this!  Smile

Thank you for bringing the features I wished for in the new version. And thank you for all the time and effort you put in this project. I really appreciate it!

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  What does "64 MiB GBA Video cartridge support" mean?
Posted by: 7743 - 10-29-2018, 06:41 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

>mGBA 0.7 beta 1
>GBA Memory: 64 MiB GBA Video cartridge support

What does "64 MiB GBA Video cartridge support" mean?

I understand that the maximum capacity of GBA's ROM is 32 MB.
Is this function to support it up to 64 MB?

If so, it is very interesting.
Expanding the available capacity broadens the possibilities of Hack Rom.

I tested it using nightly builds.
I added 0x00 behind the ROM with hexeditor to create a ROM that exceeds 32 MB.
When reading it, the following error occurred and it did not work.

The game has crashed with the following error:
Jumped to invalid address: 5AFFFFF8

Is the upper limit of the GBA ROM capacity 32 MB?
If so, what does "64 MiB GBA Video cartridge support" mean?

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Lightbulb Macro Recording feature (input automatization)
Posted by: Endor 8 - 10-28-2018, 10:34 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hi there, I'm new here and I don't know much how does this work at all.

I have been searching for a while for a GBA emulator which allowed some macro recording function (similar to that of M$ Office Word or Excel), however I found none, but this forum seemed like a fine place to propose it.

I've also tried searching in this forum and I found nothing on the topic, yet it might have been discussed with a different name. In such case I apologise for creating a repeated thread.

The main core of the idea is very simple: A shortcut from the emulator menu which would prompt a dialog to input a name for the macro, and then entering into a recording mode which would write into a log file every GBA input made by the user with a relative time reference. And another option from the menu to stop recording, to execute or to delete a macro.

The productive use of this feature would be in games which would require many repetitive actions different to 'turbo A or B', and I think making it compatible with fast forward would be a point. (I mean, like recording in normal speed and executing it "x" times faster)

With my modest level of programming knowledge I think the most problematic part of this feature would be that of the accurate timing, either recording or executing.

Please note that I don't actually know how this emulator works, so I understand there might exist certain limitations to what can be done around this feature. I fear for the timing tbh.

I hope this is the correct place to post this.

(Also, I'm not native-english speaker so I'm open to corrections on this matter)

What do you think about this idea? Is it really new? Do you think it would be actually useful, or just a waste of time? Would you either suggest some other interface for it?

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  Controller mapping Issue
Posted by: xDeuiii - 10-15-2018, 11:13 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

So I have 2 cheap USB SNES controllers that I've trying to use with mGBA. With the correct mappings in the settings, for some reason, the "UP" button is registering as "A" button even though "A" is already mapped to "A" on the controller. Every other buttons work as normal. Things I've tried:

1. Clearing the buttons and re-mapping, still same issue.
2. Trying the 2nd controller, still same issue.
3. Tried build 0.6.2, still same issue.
4. Mapping the "UP" to another button, tried mapping to "L", and it works correctly, the "L" button acts as "UP" but the physical "UP" button is still acting as "A".
5. Tried mapping "UP" to "DOWN" and "DOWN" to "UP". "DOWN" works as "UP" but "UP" still acting like "A".
6. Tried Revision 5381-a751cd5 under Development Downloads, older releases, and would you look at that, all the buttons correctly.

At this point, I think its an issue with the main builds. Both controllers work correctly in Desmume and joy.cpl in Windows 10. I will use the build I mentioned for now until there is some kind of fix released in the main builds.

 Also, why is Pokemon Red in colour in the development build? Also getting a white screen after the menu in Pokemon Red in build 0.6.2  but I can still hear the sounds and navigate in menus with the help of the sounds.

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  Link error when Trading (Pokemon)
Posted by: xDeuiii - 10-14-2018, 08:10 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

When I try to trade with myself with the same game (Pokemon Ruby), I get the "Link error" message everytime. What I did:
1st try:
File --> New Multiplayer Window
default settings
start trading as normal, tried trading Kadabra for Kadabra. Link error before Kadabra evolves

2nd try:
tried some settings I found on Youtube
Emulation --> Sync Video on, Sync audio off (I muted it personally cause the sound was annoying)
FPS target --> 30
"Pause when inactive" off
start trading as normal, tried trading Zigzagoon for Kadabra, Kadabra evolves successfully, but as soon as I try to walk out, Link error

3rd try:
Emulation --> Sync Video on, Sync audio off (I muted it personally cause the sound was annoying)
FPS target --> 15
"Pause when inactive" off
start trading as normal, gets Link error message in one of the emulation before even sitting down face to face

Using mGBA version 0.6.3. Using XBr lv3 shaders for all tries

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  mGBA Wii Framerate is 50 FPS on PAL Wii
Posted by: Dodain47 - 10-06-2018, 10:55 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Hello Endrift. Smile 

I noticed that the Framerate in mGBA Wii stable and nightly is set at 50 frames on my PAL Wii.
Is there a way to for me to change how mGBA estimates the framerate to get full 60 frames?

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  mGBA Wii U Gamepad support?
Posted by: vbarros22 - 10-01-2018, 02:27 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hi, I'm new to the forum but I read before that it does not have official support for an Wii U version, but it is possible to add support for the Wii U Gamepad? The goal is only this but the WiiVC Injector also has an overclock to vWii (the Wii version works well but having more power will work better, isnt?)

Sorry for any english error, Im brazilian
And Thanks for anyone who can help

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  PsVita edition of mGBA not saving screenshots
Posted by: duckspacito - 09-30-2018, 05:50 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

After so much time has passed I finally beat Shantae Color! Pretty cool, right? I want to take a screenshot of the "The End" screen to show to my friends, but when I look in the rom's folder, the screenshot is nowhere to be seen. I attempted to make a save state right before the credits as a test, and plugging my PS Vita into my computer showed that it didn't save the savestate. But when I went back into mGBA, the savestate was there! Has anyone had this experience, and if so is there any way to fix it?

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  mGBA Save states on WII U
Posted by: sam - 09-29-2018, 06:26 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hello, Im a noob to this (emulators on consoles via home-brew) so I might be missing something obvious.  I am loving playing the emulator, but I cannot figure out how to save.  I change the save state slot from "o" to "1" but when I elect save state, yellow text displays in the corner of the screen that says "0% saved state" or something similar and the percentage never increases or goes away until I shutdown mGBA.  Ive done some reading on here, but I can't find anyone having the same problem.  I am loading everything off the SD card, and assumed that I need to be saving there as well?  Also of note, in my rom folder all games appear twice when I go to load content , but only once in the file when I am looking at it on my computer.  If I select any game in "load content " the first time it appears it will not load, but if I scroll down to the duplicate file it will. thanks in advance for any help

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