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Solar sensor settings not detected by game
I've tried every Boktai rom I have, all clean dums of the UE version and all of them react the same way. I've set the solar sensor up with shortcuts to raise and lower the sunlight setting, but unless I'm missing some kind of override somewhere nothing works. The gamepak override options are checked. I've also tried unchecked, not that that changes anything.
The games continue to react as though the solar sensor is broken and don't react to any setting. Is there a specific patch I missed or some tweak somewhere? I've searched here and the github and only found one mention of the solar sensor and they seemed to be having no trouble.
I know these games and feature are super niche, so I'm not expecting top priority, but if anyone could let me know if they've found a fix, I'm game to try.

mGBA version: 0.6.3
Branch: heads/refs/tags/0.6.3
Revision: 5fad3d11029d30e315109b2fba856ac50d3c2a5f

Windows 10 home 64 bit
1.60 GHz cpu

Make sure to recalibrate the sensor with the brightness turned all the way down first.

I have. I've done it by selecting Darkest Solar Level in the emulation menu(which sets it to 22), incrementing the solar level up and down (Which does the same) and by manually tweaking the slider. They all give the same result per the attached screenshot. I've even tried wiping the battery save and trying again. Either it's an issue with the ROM itself, which I wouldn't rule out, or the issue is the emulator. The only reason I'm leaning towards emulator is that the ROM has worked fine in an emulator for Android that I lost to recent bricking.

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Are you able to get the MD5 or SHA1 checksums of the ROMs?

Boktai MD5: ff75c62ab690410cc8fca24204d783e9
Boktai 2 MD5: 31231965d6a43d935e3629a67e06e0bb

Just nabbed those from my copies.

I seem to be able to reproduce. Can you file an issue on the GitHub issue tracker to make sure I don't lose track of the bug?

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