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Not working on Windows XP? (InitOnceExecuteOnce not found in Kernel32.dll)
Hello, first i want to thank you for creating this great Emulator. mGBA works perfect on my Windows 10 System however it won't start on my secondary Windows XP x86 System which i use for playing Retro Games. I am getting the Error Message 'InitOnceExecuteOnce not found in Kernel32.dll'. Is there any solution for this or is it simply that mGBA doesn't supports Windows XP? Thanks in advance.
mGBA does not support Windows XP, and at this point it would be very difficult to make it support XP for quite a few reasons. The Libretro/RetroArch frontend may work in XP however. If you want to use mGBA on XP, that's probably your best bet.
Thanks for the information. I thought i was missing some files to make it work in XP. Its not a big deal because XP is a ancient System. mGBA works well in RetroArch on my XP x86 System, i just want to make sure why the Original mGBA isn't working.
Yeah, the error message is unhelpful, but that's why

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