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Official mGBA Ports
Oops, sorry for that. No, I haven't customized controls at all. I've played around with the screen settings, but not with the controls.

I rolled back to an older version that I had just in case (From December) so I could play games and look at the button inputs for the Classic Controller. The CC does not use the same controls as the GC or Wiimote (for mGBA menus), but I was able to change how they work with mGBA itself (thank you for giving that option!), so that problem is solved.

Hi, I wanted to inform that I had the time to check a newer Wii nightly (from this very month) and I wanted to point out a few things:

Game Boy games work, but have scratchy sound (I think you probably know this one already).
Screenshots of GB/C games are corrupted (show garbled graphics with purple/green tones). GBA screenshots still work fine.
The Classic Controller left stick works in a wonky way (moving it UP often times makes your character go down, for example it's more prone to happen with faster movement).


alright i got it to work , what i did is opening config.ini of mGBA , and add this line under the [Ports.psvita]


PS. you have to create the folder SAVES, doesnt have to be capital letters or anything

savegamePath is for savegames
savestatePath is for savestates

ux0 depends if you're using sd2vita and stuff , depends where you have mGBA located

@endrift i copied from your comment and changed it for psvita

Hey endrift.
Dropping by just to mention that the RetroArch guys implemented 3DS threading in a recent commit today:

I share this in hopes that perhaps this could help in some way to speed up mGBA in 3DS devices, though I have no real knowledge about this at all lol, but hopefully it helps.

This pthread_cond implementation won't work...

Anyway mGBA doesn't need a pthread shim, but the libretro port has threading disabled entirely since it doesn't use any of mGBA's threading features. I might be able to enable just the threaded renderer but I'm not sure off the top of my head if that works without the other pieces.

Oh I see.
Just thought of bringing this up, but thanks for the explanation. Smile
So far mGBA on the 3DS has been running good for the most part, it only struggles a bit with heavy games like Mother 3 in battles and Golden Sun 2.
Though Golden Sun 2 did see an improvement from 0.7.0 and up.

In case you need a tester or something for the 3DS version, I'm up for it.
I have a N3DS XL ready Tongue

I have a few questions, as well as a few problems to report, for the Wii port(using 0.6.2):
  •  is there a way to get a native resolution multiplyer as a scale option(native x2, native x3, etc.) instead of stretching it to fit the screen, or maybe a way to set it in the config file? because i noticed in a few games that the pixels were oddly shaped/stretched, and not square.
  • also regarding display, is there any way to display it pixel-perfect, unfiltered? no offense to anyone, but the filters make games look ugly, not at all how they were intended to look. To each their own, of course. but I prefer the sharp look of the pixels over the filters.
  • Game: Mario Golf Advance Tour - was playing a round and the screen glitched all of a sudden in the midle of a shot, turned into a bunch of green and black lines of random thickness across the screen, and after it happened the audio started to screech. was still able to go into the emulator menu though, and just reset the game. made me get into the habit of creating save states before and after every shot, in the case it happened again. because i was able to recover it that way - loading a saved state.
  • Game: Golf(for GB) - I noticed that it wasn't showing the entire screen - the UI at the bottom of the screen(where it shows your club, wind, score, etc.), it was cut off by a few pixels from the bottom, so you didn't see the entire thing. I've tried to test to see if it happens in other games, but couldn't really tell - I don't have other games like that(where the info is at the bottom) so it was not as easy to notice the cutoff as it was in Golf.

Scale multiples aren't really available on the Wii version (or any other port). As for pixel-perfect, it depends on your TV. There's an option to do it all the way up to 480p, but beyond that it depends on how your TV scales 480p.

GB games are pretty broken in 0.6.2 and I'm probably going to release 0.6.3 that only fixes some GB issues.

i have a question.  with the wii version of mgba could u use a gba as a controller if u have a GBA-to-GCN cable that connected to the gamecubes ports?

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