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Official mGBA Ports
(09-28-2015, 06:36 PM)ShadowOne333 Wrote: Are features such as:

-Button mapping (For CCP and Wiimotes)
-Filter options (or an option to disable the default filter or even having no filter at all, since the blurred image hurts my eyes due to my condition)

...planned for mGBA in any upcoming nightly?

I am really looking forward to those two options to have mGBA as my only GBA emulator on the Wii. Smile

Thanks in advance!

I second these, making more options and will save states be added at some point? I know they're not easy to add, mostly curious Big Grin 

Yeah, button mapping is planned. I'm not entirely sure how to implement filters on the Wii, but I would like to implement that too. Take a look at the Upcoming Tasks List to see what I'm planning to do.

E] The biggest blocker for savestates on Wii is that PowerPC processor arranges things differently than on Intel or ARM processors, so I'm going to need to make sure I fix the arrangement of all of those on the Wii.

(08-06-2015, 11:04 PM)endrift Wrote: PlayStation Vita (WIP)
Branch: master
Latest: alpha 4 (ef9bb6a)
Nintendo 3DS (WIP)
Branch: master
Latest: alpha 1 (ef9bb6a)

Nintendo Wii (WIP)
Branch: master
Latest: alpha 3 (ef9bb6a)

PlayStation Portable (stalled)
Branch: psp
Latest: None

Ok. I downloaded the files from the 3ds alpha, but how exactly do i get it to run on my 3ds' homebrew?
And by this I mean... where in the SD card do I place the files, which files do I place and what to expect.

Take a look at Also, for the 3DS, you'll want the latest nightly (see, as the alpha is really outdated and crash-prone.

Just wanted to say, set-up mGBA on my New 3Ds XL and within minutes I had Pokemon Sapphire working at 58-60FPS stretched to full screen!! This is absolutely insane as now I can finally relive my childhood and get 250 hours on this!! Only one minor issue, and that is that sometimes the audio gets a bit crackly but I can imagine there would be several factors contributing to this (Quality of Game file, bios, etc) so doubtful that it is this program seeming though it's running with no issues here, but if there's a fix I'd love to find out about it Smile

Sorry for bothering, but is there some way for this (mGBA) not to lag too much, or at least lag less? Is there a setting or something I'm just not using correctly? Just in-case , got the last nightly.(10-5-15)
I'm trying to run Pokemon Emerald and Final Fantasy 6.

Edit:Not sure if this may affect it in any way... but I'm using a Old3DS Ver.10.1.0 with Ironhax.

The old 3DS is just slow. It doesn't have enough horsepower to run mGBA, as mGBA doesn't have a dynarec or hardware accelerated rendering.

Hello everyone, i am a Wii player and gbatemp member, i was told to report here for the dev(s) to see whatever feedback for mGBA Wii i had.

Firts of all, many thanks for this great emulator, it is simple and has the best performance for gba games on the Wii.

A heads up: while previously i tested the betas in a separate 2 GB SD i have for playtesting purposes, and having there ~20 select "performance heavy" GBA games (Motoracer Advance, Asterix XXL, Smashing Drive, Megaman ZX, Mother 3, etc) everything performed great*

However, when i put the latest beta on my 32gb SD with ~300 GBA roms on the GBA folder and run it, it freezes while scanning the contents, i.e. in the filebrowser.
Thought i should mention this in order for the developer(s) to have it in mind.

Also FYI, latest beta that works with my 32GB SD is the 20/09 one. In that version, the filebrowser takes a couple of seconds (reads: "scanning: content XX of ###" on the top of the tv screen) to load my rom list.

*Performance is very good, with +1 frameskip for 3d games (V Rally, Asterix XXL, etc) and with no frameskip for 2D games (Metroid Zero Mission, Metal Slug, Megaman ZX, etc), games play almost like on a real gba. It's just the filebrowser issue with the latest betas.

Hmm, interesting. Looking at the list of changes around that time, nothing really seems suspect for being able to cause this issue. Out of curiosity, does the folder have any subdirectories or zip/7z files in it?

(10-10-2015, 05:47 PM)endrift Wrote: Hmm, interesting. Looking at the list of changes around that time, nothing really seems suspect for being able to cause this issue. Out of curiosity, does the folder have any subdirectories or zip/7z files in it?

 Hi, indeed i have a homebrew folder inside the GBA rom folder as well.  I have no .zip or 7z files, only .gba ones, as i use that same folder for Retroarch, VBA GX and WiiMednafen.
Here are my =RETRO/Gameboy Advance/ folder contents to be more helpful:

If any more info is needed,  i'll happily provide it.

I decided to make a forwarder for mgba Wii. It is simple but gets the job done. It forwards to /apps/mgba-wii/boot.dol, has gba startup sound and the mgba icon as a logo. Channel ID is MGBA and it is only 10 blocks on my Wii's NAND. You can install it with apps like WAD manager. Enjoy:

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