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4 player link, controllers cause slowdown?
Hi all,

I got a strange issue that I wonder if anyone can help me with or have encountered. Smile
So I got a autohotkey script I wrote to boot up 4 mgba (via new window instances) to be able to easily play Zelda etc. 4 players.
However I notice a weird problem.
If I run the script without controllers connected (all xbox controllers, 1 series x and 3 360 pads) everything runs at 60fps. Same result if I try 1 pad, 2 pads, 3 pads...
However if I have 4 pads connected, then it drops to about 39fps no matter what. It also happens if I only have 2 instances for example, still same, 39fps.
I can even see if it I got 4 instances running and I unplug and plug the pad in and out it slows down and then goes back to normal speed.

Anyone got any idea? is it some driver issue?


And just after I posted this I had an idea to try and change the controllers I was using. So I have another spare 360 controller around and tried to swap it out and for some bizarre reason one of the 360 pads I was using would cause my games to run slower if it is connected alongside 3 other controllers... if it's on itself.. fine, with another pad fine etc.. just that if there are 3 other controllers. It breaks the universe! haha, ok... I don't know why, but this fixed it so will use this one 360 controller for just the console itself then since the pad does work fine on its own.
Just weird..

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