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Help with Saves
Hey man! Love your emulator, first started using it back in college a few years ago. Recently felt like downloading shiny gold sigma (fire red hack) for nostalgia trip, and found I couldn’t change save state to flash 128k. I couldn’t do the game override thing I used to, and I couldn’t find the config.ini file. Any tips to make it happen?

Love your work though, forreal. Hope you had a good holidays, and have a happy new year! Looking forward to what you’ve got to say

What problem do you encounter doing the game override? Does it not stick, or something else?

The game override doesn't stick, it's stuck on Flash 512k. Is there any way I could change it to flash 1mb?

Thanks so much.

It seems to work on my end. Can you upload your config.ini? It might be in %APPDATA%/mGBA if you're not using the portable version

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