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Help with Saves - DengerousCurry - 01-01-2020

Hey man! Love your emulator, first started using it back in college a few years ago. Recently felt like downloading shiny gold sigma (fire red hack) for nostalgia trip, and found I couldn’t change save state to flash 128k. I couldn’t do the game override thing I used to, and I couldn’t find the config.ini file. Any tips to make it happen?

Love your work though, forreal. Hope you had a good holidays, and have a happy new year! Looking forward to what you’ve got to say

RE: Help with Saves - endrift - 01-01-2020

What problem do you encounter doing the game override? Does it not stick, or something else?

RE: Help with Saves - DengerousCurry - 01-02-2020

The game override doesn't stick, it's stuck on Flash 512k. Is there any way I could change it to flash 1mb?

Thanks so much.

RE: Help with Saves - endrift - 01-13-2020

It seems to work on my end. Can you upload your config.ini? It might be in %APPDATA%/mGBA if you're not using the portable version