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Save files between bios
So I'm playing Pokemon blue and was really impressed with the super Gameboy emulation. Looks and plays great. Cruising through the game having a blast when I say "I need an Alakazam on my team". Pop in Pokemon red and get to trade point but hold up nothing is connecting. Well fool it might be you are trying to do this on the super Gameboy bios. There was no connection cable for that 😂. 

So we try loading it up on the Gameboy color bios and that was a no go. Had to try it a couple times and it still just showed up in black and white. No big deal we just trading so let's go to original Gameboy. Great it's loaded but hold up, it's not reading my save file. I just have new game and options setting when starting up past the start screen. 

Do some research and some said just save state in one and load in the other. Still a no go. Save state seem to be bios specific and you get a fresh amount of slots dedicated to that bios. 

One last thing I found was to try and edit the .sav file. I can't remember what it said to change the extension to but we tried it and that bad boy would not open. 

So I'm at a loss here. I would hate to have to start Pokemon again and be forced to play it in black and white. I feel like I would end up abandoning that nostalgia ship. Thanks guys. Love the emulator. It is amazing!!!!

Hm, the save files (not the save states) should be independent of BIOS. Can you upload your .sav file so I can take a look?

Trying but it says I am not aloud to add that type of attachment when I go to post. :-\

Try tossing it in a zip file first.

Lets see if this works better


Unfortunately it shows no save for me regardless of which BIOS I use.

Would it have anything to do with me opening it through launch box?

OK So just in case someone else comes across this problem I have a theory I am trying to prove. That theory is if you save your game through launch box and your game launches from a zip, your save file goes to where your temp unzip files go because that is where the game file is. SO I would have sent the file just now from the unzipped version of the game when I was experimenting with how to get this to work and that would make sense as to why when I manually do it outside of launch box the .sav file isn't showing up (game is launched from a dif. folder than where the temp unzip file resides). I will get back shortly with the results when I find where that folder is.

And we are confirmed. Save file found and loaded fine. So just a heads up for anyone if this post stands the test of time, if you are loading from a temp unzipped file, make sure to check your temp unzipped dedicated file and not feel foolish like myself.

So here is my next issue. The link cable option is still not working and my games look a little glitched when trying to run them under GBC. I tried both game boy and GBC and no luck with the two games connecting to each other. I do also have another interesting issue though where screen two after being loaded in the second window from the first window will all of the sudden start speeding up like crazy and I have to hit sync by video in order to make it stop.

Which build are you using? GB/C linking had some changes recently to try and fix things.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I am super thankful for all of your responses so far. I'm using the newest one as far as I know. I just recently downloaded it within the last couple weeks. I've been able to get by for now by using another emulator until I can figure this out. Since I have the wired color issues when trying to load on gbc or a Gameboy game on GBA I'm wondering if it doesn't have something to do with the bios so I downloaded a bios for both but haven't had any luck on figuring out how to get mgba to use them yet. I tried a bunch of other things with it the other night suggested by others like slowing frame rate, turning on or off video and audio sync on every order ect. Didn't have any luck. One thing that seems to consistently happen is one screen starts going crazy fast as if you have fast forward held down and sometimes one controller will control both screens after that. I'll get you the exact build number when I get home.

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