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Disable controller?
Is it possible to completely disable detection of a controller altogether? I have a weird setup I use to play games and mGBA just doesn't like it. I have a wiimote + classic controller using GlovePIE + PPJoy. For some reason if I add a controller through the PPjoy dialog mGBA just constantly forces the controller to press up. I've tried everything from clearing all inputs to wiping them out in the ini and setting it to "read only" but nothing works except removing the controller from PPJoy. It just keeps forcing up on the d-pad, even if I have nothing set as the "up" input. This didn't seem to be an issue in 0.4.1, but I recently upgraded to 0.5.1 and meh. I don't need the controller part, I map the inputs with GlovePIE, but it's an annoyance if I have to keep removing/readding it. I can live with it, but I figured it would be worth asking.
I'm not sure why it's broken in 0.5.1 but not in 0.4.1 (although controllers do need to be revamped some), but no, there isn't a way to disable controller detection.

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