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Pokémon FireRed Fix for Different RTC Implementation
Hello endrift,

I thank you for your fix to the RTC implementation by interdpth which is used in prime-dialga's DNS program. That RTC implementation however does break communications for some reason.

Anyways there is another RTC implementation originally by ZodiacDaGreat (posted here: that was re-utilized and enhanced by Shiny Quagsire for his Wizard-DN system (here: Fortunately, this one doesn't break communications, but it doesn't work in mGBA. This is the patch it is a part of: which was originally obtained from here: 

I'm not entirely sure if this is the same problem that you posted here:, but I did try looking for similarities between both implementations to see if it had the same bugs. My limited ASM hacking knowledge hasn't really been able to see if it's indeed the same problem as the other implementation so I turn to you for help in fixing this if possible.

Thanks for your time and I hope you'll be able to help.

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