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mgba with Wii U Pro Controller
Thank. Tested on vWii on Wii U. It work almost perfectly except the analog stick on Wii U Pro Controller doesn't respond correctly.

For example: Up, Down, Left, Right work Analog stick on Wii U Pro Controller but diagonally direction no. Is the normal?

I'll take a poke at it tonight. It's probably a bug that I didn't catch.

Thank again Big Grin

You'll need to delete the config.ini, but it's fixed now.

Thank Smile. I'm tried this build and deleted config.ini

but left analog stick diagonally direction still doesn't respond. I'm tried both GameCube and wii classic pro mode in mgba configure but same issues.

Did I'm download the correct build ?

Tested 3rd Feb build and it work perfectly now. No more issue with diagonally direction on left analog stick. Thank Big Grin

Will it be possible in the future for it to sync on the first controller spot (or maybe changing which controller goes to what player), without using a GCN pad to open the emulator? Right now it uses the second one, i've been wondering why since it's not like we can play GBA with 2 players... yet Big Grin

I don't think that's something I can control, unfortunately Sad

(02-16-2016, 03:52 AM)endrift Wrote: I don't think that's something I can control, unfortunately Sad

It's ok =). If you'd like and have the time, i would suggest checking the implementation done in Snes9x GX mod, as seen here (also using libwupc) It automatically assigns the WUPC to the 1st controller.

I'm not using libwupc is the thing, I'm using the wiiuse mod linked earlier.

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