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Full Version: mgba with Wii U Pro Controller
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Does mgba support Wii U Pro Controller in vWii mode?
Unfortunately, no. As far as I'm aware, there isn't a driver for it floating around.
I see. Even this is not possible ?
I was not aware of that one, and Extrems pointed me to, which I think I'd prefer, so I can try adding that soon.
I'm got a Wii U Pro controller and will be ready to test for you after you adding it Big Grin. Thank
I couldn't get it working, sorry.

With some more perseverance, it works, but only if the Pro Controller is mapped to player 1. This means you'll probably need to either autoboot it somehow or use a gamecube controller to boot it, otherwise your Wiimote will be player 1.
Thank, I'm will try it on vWii on Wii U. Smile Is this build available to download ?
Not yet, but it will be with the next nightly.
Great, Thank Smile
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