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Suggestions for the Wii version
Just found out about this, and I have to say I am quite impressed at how well the performance is on Wii - I honestly thought that VBA GX/VBA Next was as good as it's gonna get.

I understand this emulator is still in its very early stages (which is actually amazing considering how the performance is already better than VBA GX), so I just thought I would suggest some possible features for future releases.

* Brightness Control/Gamma Correction - as we all know, most GBA games were made with very bright colors so that they could be seen on the original unlit GBA. Both the Game Boy Player and the Wii U Virtual Console somewhat compensates for this by darkening the image a little - it would be nice to have that option for this emulator as well

* libwiigui - just for continuity/similarity with other emulators like Snes9xGx and FCEUGx. I can understand if this might not be feasible however if it takes up too much memory and could hinder game performance.

* custom button configurations - self-explanatory (apologies if this has already been implemented)

* custom border support - y'know, like the ones that the GB Player had on the GameCube.

* screen size options - right now it seems to default to 4:3, which is not the GBA aspect ratio (3:2). Also the edges are currently cutoff on CRT's.

* 240p support - for CRT users

* this one is rather ridiculous and I'm not sure if it's even possible, but it would still be cool nonetheless:
GBA-to-GCN adapter support? On the GB Player, you could use an actual GBA as a controller if you had the GBA-to-GCN adapter (you had to turn on the GBA and hold start on it while it's connected to the GCN).
I'm no expert on this, and I can't say anything about most of these questions, but I can answer 1 or 2 of these.

* libwiigui - This is probably the go-to GUI they should use, as they can also make a channel to quickly jump to mGBA rather than go through Homebrew browser. However, I heard they're still looking for people to help on the GUI, and it's not high priority as long as the current UI works.

* custom button configurations - this will come when the GUI is made, I'm assuming. If they were to use Libwiigui it would probably come as soon as the menu releases.

I completely agree on how great it is that this is already outperforming VBA GX, even the unofficial fork (v2.3.2), which is a speedup over the original. My only issue with mGBA is that it's only hitting around 90% speed on good old F-Zero GP Legend, and as a result the audio sounds a tiny bit slurred or slowed down. In terms of gameplay, you can't tell a difference, really. I also tried my Metroid Fusion, runs great at what sounds like near fullspeed or 100% speed. All this is missing for this to be perfect are your suggestions and a Dynarec to really speed things up - interpreters are dreadfully slow in comparison.
Great suggestions above, i do not know how feasible they can be, but any one of those would be more than welcome for the Wii port now that performance is 100% Smile
Button config and filter options are my suggestions. Smile
We should focus on running games 100% , later we could focus on additional features
This thread is called suggestions, I find 'we should focus on' a weird sentence considering (afaik) Endrift is the only dev of this emulator - not trying to be an @$$, just saying Wink . From a user perspective I'm also mostly interested in UI and button config improvement, but I also understand this is not high on the priority list. From what I read she is really interested in making mGBA a super accurate emulator with low system requirements. It's already great, but I guess she sees room for improvement in the areas she prefers to focus on. When she gets mGBA to reach a level in that she is happy with (difficult I'm guessing, from what I read she's pretty perfectionist ha ha ) those other features will probably be worked on too. As is though the emulator is already great and useable Smile.
Of course Smile

I only said that because I know that many people jump with huge projects and suggestions but they don't usually think about the core, that is, what is necessary for things to work.

There is emulators which have pretty amazing interface, got everything, but running games isn't 100% because there are too many people focusing on side issues

I say thanks to everyone here, thank you all folks
I'd like to suggest in-emulator stretch settings so users can adjust for their display's overscan. Gameboy/Gameboy Color and GBA should also have separate stretch settings since they have wildly different aspect ratios.
I'd like to see multiplayer support on the Wii version. The Wii barely has enough horsepower to run mGBA at full speed, but it could likely work on Dolphin, since it has overclocking. I think there would be the potential for 4 player Game Boy Advance netplay through Dolphin if there was multiplayer on the Wii version of mGBA.

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