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Cannot figure out this controller setup screen!
I've just switched over to this emulator after having a myriad of issues with VBA, and I am liking it so far. One major issue I am having right now is that I can't seem to change any of the options on the "Controllers Settings" menu. Hitting the refresh button seems to change everything, pushing buttons on my controller doesn't change any of the settings, and "set all" seems to do nothing.

Please, please, could you simplify the controller setup screen? Am I missing something obvious here, or am I just too stupid to figure this out? Sad

EDIT: Been messing with it for about an hour, still can't get it to work right. Mapping a button seems to inexplicably change another mapped button. Hitting "refresh" also seems to change my settings.

"Set all" allows you to set buttons in order--unfortunately the UI doesn't clearly show which button is active due to the fact that Windows seems to have removed the concept of a focus ring. Same goes for any button. Click on the text for the button you want to set, press the key, and so forth.

This is getting rewritten so it's easier to tell what's going on, but I'm not really fond of the fact that Windows removed important information from being able to be conveyed...

Thank you for the response! Other than this confusion, I am really loving the emulator!

Completely unrelated, but I found that if you go to "View Tiles" and then check "256 Colours" the program crashes.

Wait does that still happen? Hm I thought that got fixed.

It does. I believe I have the most up to date version, 0.5.2?

Yeah, try a nightly.


i am not sure whether it is wanted that i create a new thread for my question, because it is one of a similiar topic.

is it possible to change the order of the recognized game controllers?

i want to use my controller that is listed on the second place in mgba, but the emulator does not save my selection. is there a possibility that i do not need to select the appropriate controller every time when i start the emulator, if it is not listed on the first slot? i opened the application with administrative rights when i saved my configuration. i tried to plug-in my controllers in a different order, but this does not affect the order of the list.

That's a bug. It's supposed to remember which controller you used last.

thank you, i will wait for the bug fix then.

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