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How to use cheats?
My primary machine is a Mac. If it's labeled as a Game Shark code, try setting it to be Pro Action Replay. Or visa versa.

So I think the problem is me... I'm probably making mistakes when I want to put the codes, because nothing happen.

Hey All,
Im using mGBA - Pokemon Leaf Green - and cant get any cheats to work. I tried some out and as soon as a wild encounter happened the game froze. I tried the pro action codes mentioned here and nothing happened.
Can someone help?

Hey there! Using cheats can really enhance your gaming experience if done right. I remember struggling with a tough level in a game and almost gave up. A friend recommended I check out some cheats. I found some reliable ones here cheats , and it was a game-changer! I managed to breeze through the challenging parts and actually enjoyed the game more. Just make sure to use them responsibly and respect the game’s community. Happy gaming!

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