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How to use cheats?
I am playing Pokemon Emerald and cant get the cheats i am using to work in-game. I have the master code entered and the code for the Pokemon i am trying to catch. I've tried closing out of the emulator and rebooting it. If someone could help me on this it would be veryyyyyy appreciated as i have been playing around with the cheats all day and this is my last resort. Thanks!!

Can you please post the codes you have entered?

(07-07-2015, 12:02 AM)endrift Wrote: Can you please post the codes you have entered?
Here ya go

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Also here's the website that i got the cheat from.

You entered them right, but the site has them mislabeled. They should work if you enter them as Pro Action Replay codes. Later versions of the GameShark were the same thing as Pro Action Replay v3, so things get mislabeled sometimes.

Awesome it worked! Thanks sooo much!

hello !
I'm using mgba with pokemon redfire and i really don't find how to use the cheats ... can someone help me ? explain me ? thank you very much !!

You need to click "Add Cheat Set" before you can add a cheat, as each "cheat set" is what contains the cheats. I've fixed this in a recent version where adding a cheat without having a cheat set selected will make a new cheat set.

i have a question ok so when i try to put in cheats it doesnt work here is the screen shot of the page im at btw i am on a pc

Hello, it doesn't work for me, is it possible that it doesn't work on a Mac?
Thank you for your answer

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