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[3DS] Is the .CIA supposed to perform better than .3DSX?
This is all with v0.9.0 on an original 3DS tested with the title screen of Pokemon Pinball (the Game Boy Color game) and in-game was tested by just holding the pinball in place with the left flipper on the blue table (easily achieved if you hold both flippers up at the very beginning - the pinball will settle on the left flipper).

With the .3DSX version, performance bounced around 57-58fps on the title screen while in-game the framerate was ~53fps.

However, when using the .CIA version, the very same title screen goes no lower than 59.80 fps. In-game the framerate was ~56fps.

Is this expected behavior?

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[3DS] Is the .CIA supposed to perform better than .3DSX? - by Rin Tohsaka - 04-05-2021, 06:04 AM

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