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Full Version: [3DS] Is the .CIA supposed to perform better than .3DSX?
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This is all with v0.9.0 on an original 3DS tested with the title screen of Pokemon Pinball (the Game Boy Color game) and in-game was tested by just holding the pinball in place with the left flipper on the blue table (easily achieved if you hold both flippers up at the very beginning - the pinball will settle on the left flipper).

With the .3DSX version, performance bounced around 57-58fps on the title screen while in-game the framerate was ~53fps.

However, when using the .CIA version, the very same title screen goes no lower than 59.80 fps. In-game the framerate was ~56fps.

Is this expected behavior?
It's not expected behavior but it has been known to happen at times. I'm assuming you're running the .3DSX version with Rosalina, not *hax?
If it makes you feel any better, Snes9x seems to do the same thing (full speed with CIA vs ~55fps with 3DSX).

(04-12-2021, 09:07 PM)endrift Wrote: [ -> ]I'm assuming you're running the .3DSX version with Rosalina

I believe it's luma3ds cfw with rosalina menu, though I launch the 3DSX version through the homebrew launcher.

For reference I basically just followed the "" walkthrough and nothing else.
It should say on the homebrew launcher if it's using Rosalina or *hax.

If Snes9x is doing the same thing it makes me even more curious, but I suppose less concerned.
(04-14-2021, 08:34 AM)endrift Wrote: [ -> ]It should say on the homebrew launcher if it's using Rosalina or *hax.

Ah yes, it's using Rosalina v2.2.0.