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Feature request: save as Animated PNG?
(02-09-2020, 08:40 PM)endrift Wrote: Ok, I'll add APNG support. Looks like it shouldn't be that much work.

E] Newest dev builds should support it now

Less than two hours? That was fast - you're right I guess it wasn't that much work. Tongue

I also appreciate you renaming the menu option to "Save GIF/APNG" rather than following the more modern yet inaccurate use of the term "GIF" where it simply means any and all types of animation.

AFAICT everything works fine, though selecting APNG from both the record window of the save drop-down is a bit wonky, and the same goes for when changing the settings back from APNG to GIF.

Personally I think a much more elegant solution is to just ditch the file extension drop-down altogether and just do it how the "Save state file" work - that is, when the user does not type in the file extension, mGBA automatically appends the according correct file extension when saving the file.

So the idea is that, if the user has a save path of "C:\recording" without specifying .gif or .png, mGBA would then just automatically add the according file extension based on whether they've selected GIF or APNG from the "Record GIF/APNG" window.

Also I just want to say that running an APNG created via mGBA through APNG Optimizer still results in something like the file size being cut to anywhere between two-thirds (MK:SC daytime intro) and half (MK:SC nighttime intro). Going through frame-by-frame in XnView shows that APNG Optimizer looks to even be removing pixels from inside of the frame and not just cropping the individual frames as much as possible.

For example, during an APNG recording of the title animation in Mario Kart, this is what the original 6th APNG frame created by mGBA looks like:
[Image: 2aa681e37f8f032291b804cf4c616fc356b6660f.png]

While this is what it looks like after APNG Optimizer has been ran on the animation:
[Image: 894a6262f6e142c560ae5380974b723f533e30dd.png]

(now obviously it doesn't look like that when animating because of the way APNG's inter-frame optimization works, so the end result of the complete animation is identical and still completely lossless)

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