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Fps target
Is this option necessary if you have the emulation synchronized to audio? I would have thought that the emulator would already run at 59.7fps if the audio was running at the right speed.
The point of this option is to slow down or speed up gameplay. It actually stretches audio to get it to the right speed for e.g. 30fps (so it will lower the audio an octave by doubling its duration) if you just want to go through something at 30fps for some portion of gameplay. It's not particularly useful for the most part, but it was easy to implement and some people like to be able to change it.
Thanks. Though I didn't specify, I meant if it was necessary to set 59.7fps, but it seems from your answer that it isn't, right?
For regular speed, 60 or 59.7 should be what you set it to. The 59.7 option is only in the nightlies, although it seems to go a bit too slowly at the moment (~57fps) and I need to look into that. But that might just be my computer.
I also noticed that, and I managed to "fix" it by increasing audio samples.

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