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Fullscreen on startup
Hi guys,

In 0.2, mGBA was able to start in fullscreen mode without CLI parameters if the emulator was stopped in fullscreen, thanks to the config.ini file.

Lots of changes happened to fullscreen options when 0.3 came out. Since this release, it looks like the fullscreen parameter in the config.ini file isn't handled anymore, though still saved on exit.

I was wondering if this is a known bug or an expected behaviour since we have to toggle fullscreen with hotkeys ?

My problem is that i'm using a frontend (HyperSpin w/ RLauncher) for multi-console emulation on an arcade cabinet that can't add CLI parameters when launching mGBA so the only way to start the emulator in fullscreen mode was through the user settings.

Any idea on how I could do that with the latest release?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! It is a bug, but it wasn't a known bug. It's fixed now in master and the 0.5 branch, so it will make its way into the next release, as well as the next nightly.
Great news! Looking forward to the next nightly build then!

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