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Cannot see GBA file or sav file in game folder.
I'm playing through Inclement Emerald and I would like to have a different .sav file for each boss fight so that I can just change the file names to replay each one, but I can't see the .sav files or even the ROM file. The ROM file appears in the File Explorer and Start Menu as a "recent file", I can right-click to open the file location, and the mGBA app sees the ROM file and can play it, but I can't see the ROM or .sav in the File Explorer. I have the View settings configured to show hidden files, but that doesn't seem to have changed anything. Any tips on how to reveal my files?

Also I'm on Windows 11, if that matters.

Where is your file located? For reference, you should never put ROM files in Program Files, as uh, this is what happens if you do. This, or the save file not even working at all.

Well, the sav file definitely works, because I can save and load just fine, but I can't manipulate the file at all because I can't see it.

But for the location of the file, it's:

C:\Program Files\mGBA\games

So it is under Program Files. Had no idea I wasn't supposed to do that.

I've moved the game file to a different folder and now it's working the way I would expect it to. But I just can't use the save data in the previous folder if I play from the new location.

Save state files are not visible in that old location either.

The saves are probably under %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore, a not-very-well-known Windows, er, feature that makes this sort of thing happen. It's one of the reasons you shouldn't ROMs there.

I just checked and you are 100% correct. They were in exactly that location. No clue wtf that's even for, but thanks for telling me about it.

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