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[BUG] Nintendo Switch Pro controller: no rumble
Trying a NS Pro Controller I noticed that there is no rumble in games like Drill Dozer GBA. XBox Wireless controller is ok and does have rumble instead.
mGBA 0.11-8328-c541a79e9

Still the same with DEV 8331-d8ab5529a.

Found a similar thread:
but can't understand what "go into System Settings and toggle the vibrate setting, twice if it's already enabled" means as I can't find System Settings option... 😖

I assume it means settings of the OS. There's no "system" settings section in mGBA.

I guess this is just more fuel for me to do the input revamp I've been putting off for years.

Looking forward for the rewritten input system and NS Pro Controller with working rumble! Wink

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