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mGBA running slow on Pop! OS
i recently changed distros from Ubuntu 22.04 to Pop! OS.
I was previously using the spefic build for Ubuntu from the downloads section of the webpage and that was running fine. I didn't see one for Pop! OS so I installed the Flatpak version from the Pop! shop, and it is running at 49 FPS with distorted sound.

Is there a version specific build for Pop! OS? Should I use the one for the equivalent Ubuntu? Are there tweaks I can do to improve performance?

Are you sure your graphics and sound drivers are set up properly? Using the Report Bug dialog should give you "hardware" section that has info about the GPU, and if it says the renderer is "llvmpipe" that means you don't have graphics drivers set up properly.

OpenGL renderer: AMD Radeon Graphics (renoir, LLVM 15.0.7, DRM 3.54, 6.5.4-76060504-generic)

OK, that looks right. Your audio settings might be weird then?

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