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Holding Start and Select to exit game.
Hello, this is by far my favorite gba emulator out but I was wondering if it was possible to make it so when you hold start and select at the same time, the game exits and when you start the game up again, it picks up right at that location. I'm using a steam deck so I'm not sure if doing that is different or possible. Can anyone help?


Not really, no. You can rebind quit to have a keyboard shortcut and assign that to one of the grips. As for exiting and reloading, you can turn on "periodically save state" and "on load, load save state" in Settings > Gameplay though, which will do that, though you still have to load the ROM manually.

Ahh cool. So you just to clear you can't make shortcut that involves holding 2 controller buttons at once? And I'll have to try the save and load states.

Thank You!

That's correct, "holding" to do something isn't supported at all, and multi-button shortcuts are also not (currently) supported.

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