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Feature Request: Compatibility with the Advance Game Port
There was this third party accessory for the Gamecube, called the Advance Game Port. It consisted of a dongle that plugs into a Memory Card slot on one end, & a slot to play GBA cartridges on the other. The other part was a disc, which could read what was on the Port, and ran a quite subpar emulator.
On the Gamecube, it's obsolete in the face of the Game Boy Player, but on the Wii, it's the only way to play GBA games off the cartridge.
I was wondering if maybe we could find some way to get the Wii version on mGBA to read what was on the Port, and play GBA games on an emulator that works much better than Datel's offerings.

A link explaining the Port in more detail + pictures

I know nothing about coding with Wii homebrew, but I will accept any way I can help!

This is actually already on my list! I managed to get my hands on one a few years ago, but I haven't gotten to looking into it yet. There's an open ticket you can track here:

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