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Sonic Superstars got announced, thoughts?

What are your thoughts on this? The moment I saw that trailer I was hyped as hell, I spent the entire rest of the day watching people react to it it was that good.

That aside, I like how they make 3D classic Sonic's physics accurate for once (something Generations and Forces could only dream of doing). People be making those memes about Santiago being only a cheap impostor of the original classic Sonic, but Santiago's impersonation skills are getting so good to the point they're almost indistinguishable.

It seems that they went the extra mile making this a completely original classic Sonic experience. I'm not saying that originality's *all* I look for in a Sonic game (Mania wasn't exactly the most original but it's good in its own right), but it's nice not seeing Green Hill zone for the morbillionth time in a row. I'll definitely give it a play when I get the chance to.

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