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RTC problems on recent builds

I am having some issues with the RTC on pokemon games since the builds that add the time into the save files and wanted to know if it was normal and if there was a way to fix this.

I am playing Emerald on PS Vita, and everytime I save and reset the game, the clock always change to a random hour and found no solution but to install the time patch that lets you change it in the pokecenter.

I finally find someone somewhere having the same problem and the solution was to use the build 7704,and the RTC finally works fine.

Is it possible to always use the hw clock on Vita and / or not to save the time into the save files ?

Thanks for helping me out.

This sounds like a bug with time handling in the Vita version. Can you file a bug on the GitHub so I don't forget?

Done. I'll be using that old build until a solution is found. Thanks!

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