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[3DS] Way to have a GBC icon/banner for .CIA?
As I use an old 3DS, I am forced to use open_agb_firm in order to have playable performance for GBA games (I get like 20fps with GBA games via mGBA).

However, mGBA on my old 3DS has great performance on GBC games with only minor slow-down (at least when played through the .CIA version of mGBA as I mentioned in my other thread - generally ~55fps at worst, though the pause menu fade transition effect in Pokemon Card GB2 drops as low as 40fps).

The issue really though is that the icon for "Open AGB Launcher" and mGBA when installed as .CIA files are similar enough that it causes me a bit of confusion initially whenever I go to select the according icon on the 3DS home screen.

I tried to see if I could extract the icon and banner from GameYob for 3DS's .CIA and use it to replace the icon and banner used in mGBA's .CIA...but from what I can tell, the go-to method of doing this using HackingToolkit9DS doesn't seem to properly support homebrew apps because I do not end up with any according banner and/or icon files.

So yeah, is there some way to get mGBA in .CIA format with a GBC icon/banner?

(to clarify, this isn't a request for you to change mGBA itself as it would be rude of me to suggest straight-up changing the icon that has been used by mGBA across multiple platforms just because the old 3DS can't emulate GBA games at playable speeds)

For reference, I'm not just using GameYob itself because, despite seemingly having better performance in Pokemon Card GB than mGBA (it's a bit hard to tell since GameYob for 3DS lacks an fps counter), the 3DS fork of GameYob hasn't been updated for like 5 years and contains audio bugs that mGBA lacks and GameYob for DSi has since fixed, and using the much-more-recently-updated DSi version of GameYob directly is also a non-starter due to the unfortunate reduction of visual clarity from the double-scaling that occurs when playing in fullscreen (160x144 -> 213x192 -> 267x240) rather than how mGBA or GameYob for 3DS directly scales to the 3DS's screen (160x144 --to-> 267x240).
You'd have to build mGBA yourself but it should be possible if you do. It's not the easiest though. There are instructions in the readme.

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