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White Screen on 3DS
<p>I just downloaded mGBA to run it on my 3DS. Every time I try to run the rom I want to play, I just get a white screen. How do I fix this?</p>

What game is it? Do other games work?

(01-17-2020, 04:55 AM)endrift Wrote: What game is it? Do other games work?

</p><p><br></p><p>It's Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Beta 15. And yes, other games work just fine.&nbsp;</p>

It appears that the beta 15 ROM is larger than the maximum size of a GBA game (33554432 bytes), which confuses mGBA. Try trimming it to exactly 33554432 bytes and seeing if it works. The game may be buggy, but it would be on actual hardware too.

<p>I'll try that. I'm using mGBA on actual hardware.&nbsp; Same thing happens when I make the file a CIA and inject it to the 3ds. It just crashes. Won't open<br></p>

<p>Okay I trimmed it, loading screen came up, then crashed at the title screen. I'm just gonna take the L I guess&nbsp;</p>

By "on actual hardware" I meant the ROM on a GBA flashcart. Anyway I've been working on some better ways of handling this in mGBA so it should work in 0.8.0 when that comes out.

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