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Should ARMS Have Different Moves?
•Something some people think of when talking about additions to a possible ARMS Sequel is that the characters should have more unique movesets, or just more moves in general. Then the question would be, what moves, or more specifically, what TYPE of moves? Here’s something to consider, that plays a huge part in ARMS...distance and depth-perception.
•The reason the Attacks are extendable to begin with, is to make a behind-the-back, third person fighting game work. So adding any moves that you would need to judge short distance from a behind-the-back angle to use properly, wouldn’t really work in this type of game. Otherwise, just make more abilities for more characters. In which case, they wouldn’t be “moves”, they would be “abilities”, which ARMS already has. Springtron is the only character with different Attack, his EMP. However that doesn’t do damage. It’s to disable the opponent’s Arms, to make an opening TO do damage.
•If this game was shot from the side, like most fighting games, of course having one type of move, or means of attack would be ridiculous, but in a game like this, you have to consider why they made “long-ranged punches” the only means of dealing damage to begin with. It’s hard to reliably tell if your attack will hit the opponent from the third person view, so they made each attack stretch across the stage to help you tell when it’s gonna land.

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