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Not able to configure controls with libmgba on linux.

I am on Manjaro Linux and I downloaded libmgba to start mgba from command line.
So far everything works well and as expected, I am able to set the size of the output window etc,
but I can't seem to make changes to the controls.

For example I would like to change the b key because i don't use an American keyboard.
The mgba manual tells me that mgba reads the config file $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mgba/ ,
but there is no file there and I didn't know how the configurable variables would be named.

The file didĀ appear though after installing mgba-qt and with mgba-qt I was able to change the controls
over the gui, but I would rather use mgba from command line without gui, because in i3wm there are
window size issues. The problem is that the mgba command line version doesn't seem to read the config file
at all.

I already tried to use the -C flag to change the b key like so: mgba -C keyB=89, but that didn't work either.
Other things like -C volume=5 worked fine.

Do you have any idea, how i could change the b key?

Thanks in advance!
To modify the SDL keybindings you need to put a section in the ini file called [input.SDLK] and put the modifications in there

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