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Problem with o3DS XL
I'm trying to use this emu to play my old GBA backups, but I have a problem with the Emu:
Everytime I open it it shows only a Black Screen... The lower screen only shows the white-triangle that selects teh archives, and also the screen shows the battery icon... nothing more. (if you need would upload a cap, but... it shows only that XD)
Is like the words were in black, as teh background... I can open folders, roms... but not the Options (pressing X) 'cause it leaves me to the HomeScreen.

I'm using LUMA 9.1, B9S, o3DS XL, using only Sysnand.
I have this same problem with other SD.
The Emu doesn't create any "config.ini", so I haven't edited anything.
Using the last mGBA version 7.2, the .CIA version. Had the same problems with 7.1.

Does it even show the time? It sounds like it's failing to load the font.

(05-28-2019, 03:50 AM)endrift Wrote: Does it even show the time? It sounds like it's failing to load the font.

No. Other Apps works perfectly, the system, games...
And the save icon works, it changes to yellow if the console has low battery.
Is there a way to change the font in the Config.ini?
PS: I'm gonna try the App "Font Tester" to see if ther are some Fonts corrupted or something.
PSII: Cant make the app work... the same, black Screen. So, maybe there is a problem with the Fonts in my console... Any idea how to fix it?
PSIII: The .3dsx mGBA doesn't work.

Other Apps like Anemone or FBI works perfectly...

Somehow I had my DSP dumped. Trying re:dumping it found that without having it the Emulator Works perfectly...
I had to delete/rename the archive "dspfirm.cdc" on"://3ds/". Right now im trying to reinstall it with different methdo to try something different.
PS: All is workign fine. As I'm using o3DS the emulation is somehow slow, 25-35 fps in most games. But thats normal, right?

Yeah, o3DS is pretty slow so it's not surprising that games aren't running great. GB games should be fine though.

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