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Buffer Size Issue
I get stutters whenever my computers ASIO buffer size isn't set to 512, is there any reason for this? I don't suffer any issues like this in other programs or games
Is this regardless of what buffer size setting you have on mGBA?
(04-14-2019, 05:06 AM)endrift Wrote: Is this regardless of what buffer size setting you have on mGBA?

Yes, once I set the buffer size in my ASIO control panel to 512 it works properly. After that, the buffer size set within mGBA does not matter and still runs flawlessly. If my ASIO control panel buffer size is anything but 512, I encounter random frame drops regardless of any mGBA settings. I tried playing around with every audio/video option within mGBA and nothing fixes it, the ASIO control panel buffer size set to 512 seems to be the only solution. I have never experienced this with any other software before which is strange. The only reason I found this solution was from this bug report on github which you replied to: Issue 1308

I feel like this is something within mGBA that requires a fix considering I've never experienced this before in my 4 years of using these Scarlet Solo 2nd gen Focusrite audio drivers with different emulators, software and games.
Just realized that this problem only occurs when using the SDL audio driver in mGBA. qtMultimedia seems to work fine with any buffer size.

qtMultimedia seems to have issues where it freezes upon loading a saved state for a game. It unfreezes when I switch to the SDL audio driver in mGBA.

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