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Video issues with various games
I'm having issues in various games. My issue is that every second or so the games video will "Stutter" or skip a frame. It happens often enough that it is distracting. I've played a handful of games (all pokemon) from all 3 gameboy generations and the issue was present in every game I play.

In the audio/video settings I have tried changing the audio buffer, as I've seen a couple of other people were having similar issues in the past. Each setting had varying amounts of success but the default is the best that I can see. I also tried changing the sample rate, but it had no effect. 

Next I tried syncing to video instead of audio. It completely tanked my framerate and the game was running at half speed or worse. Syncing to both does the same thing. Playing with the FPS target hasn't improved the stutter. I tried enabling/disabling "Lock aspect ratio," "Forced Integer scaling," and "bilinear filtering" with various combinations, but it didn't help my issue.

I then tried to change the display drivers. Both of the OpenGL drivers had the same issues. The SoftwareQT did fix the stuttering issues but movement was really choppy and some of the sprites (trees mostly) would flicker when I walked. I have tried multiple versions of mGBA including the latest (0.7.1 as of this post). I have deleted the config file multiple times to reset the settings to default after big troubleshooting steps.

About my system.

I am running Windows 10
My GPU is AMD integrated graphics (I'm on a laptop.)
I'm on a x64 system
My monitor has a 60hz refresh rate.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I'm having multiple issues with mGBA but all of the other ones I can work around or deal with. Thank you in advance for any advice.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I did make sure my display drivers and Windows were all updated.

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