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Suggestions for the 3DS Port
I've really been enjoying the 3DS port of mGBA, but had a few suggestions for features it would be nice to see in future releases:

- Remapping controls: Being able to map controls by button- so I could use L/R as Start/Select as well as keeping the Start/Select buttons still enabled. Also, the ability to use a touch screen tap as an input would be useful as well as being able to map separate control schemes for GB/C and GBA.

- Autofire: would love to see this implemented, as it's standard in most other emulators.

- 3D slider support: as seen in other emulators such as VirtuaNES and Snes9x for 3DS, enabling the slider, even without the 3D effect, enhances image quality on the 3DS top screen.

- File Browser improvements: An option to hide non .gb/.gbc/.gba files from appearing in the browser would be great, as well as scrolling text for titles that get cut off at the edge of the screen. Having the browser open on the last title you launched would also be a helpful feature.

Thanks so much for your work on this, endrift!

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