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QUESTION: How to get the gameboy camera working on PsVita?
Hi everyone,
I have just downloaded both the latest stable build of mGBA (0.7) and the latest development build on my PsVita, and I have the same problem with both of them.

It seems like the only thing I can do is booting up the .gba files (a couple of games) I already had when I was using a previous version of mGBA I deleted before downloading these new ones.

I'd like to know how I can use the new gameboy camera feature on there, thanks in advance!

(p.s.: the only thing I did in order to install mGBA was booting the .vpk file on my Vita using VitaShell, is that the only thing I have to do?)

I've already seen tis tweet ( in which it is clearly shown, but how do I get access to it? I can't find any information whatsoever...
I'm assuming you have a copy of the Game Boy Camera ROM? It should just work.

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