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Shader Config and XBOX One Controller Settings Not Sticking
Hey guys, first off, thank you for such a marvelous emulator!

I am on WINDOWS 10 Latest Update Wink

Alright now off to the issues I am having. I have an xbox one controller that I have tried to get my config to stay but it simply will not for whatever reason. All buttons will work perfectly and stay configured EXCEPT THE LEFT AND RIGHT TRIGGERS on the controller (Not the shoulder buttons, but triggers just to be clear). The shader I am trying to use (the FISH shader) will also not stay between closing and re opening the emulator. I have tried this on the new BETA version of the emulator 0.7-b1, as well as the previous full release (0.6.3). 

What's strange is that I will set the triggers to L and R respectively and they will work for some time, but then they switch off for some reason? it's really odd. 

Any help with this matter is appreciated, I hope it's just a simple bug that can be fixed as I want this emulator to shine to the best of it's capability!

EDIT : Oh and just to add a bit of information here, when I change the L and R mappings it goes from a value of L trigger = (+2) and R trigger = (+5) Which are the functioning, proper values that respond to controller inputs, to L trigger = (-2) and R trigger = (-5) which are the problematic values, and do not respond to inputs. The emulator changes these values automatically for some reason?! it must be a bug, i hope you guys can fix it easily! thank you for listening.

The trigger bug has already been fixed but there's no release yet that contains it. You can download a development build if you don't want to wait.

Hello endrift, thank you for answering! Awesome to know that you guys have eyes on it, I will surely check out a dev build, thank you for the heads up.

As for the shader issue that I am having, is this also a known problem that you guys are aware of?

I haven't seen that issue before, no. I'll let you know if I'm able to reproduce it.

(01-09-2019, 04:40 PM)endrift Wrote: I haven't seen that issue before, no. I'll let you know if I'm able to reproduce it.

Just wanted to let you know that I did some further testing on the current dev build, the controller issues and the shader issue I was having are all resolved! thank you guys so much! cheers! 

Also, is there a way to donate to you guys? i would like to contribute to the team.

There's a Patreon:

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