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Issues with 0.7 beta1
Despite my last thread (I'm still very happy) i found some problems with the newest beta:

Turtles II - Back From The Sewers (Gameboy)
Everytime you reach a new level you should hear a voice shouting "Cowabunga". And if you press pause there should be a voice shouting "Pizza Time". 
But instead of the voices you hear only a deep distorted noise. Sounds a little bit like a 8bit explosion sound.

Prehistorik Man (Gameboy)
In this case the music is buggy. Because actually you can't hear all 4 channels (Square 1, square 2, Wave, Noise). 
To be sure I downloaded the .gbs file and opened it with foobar2000 and the "Game Emu Player" plugin.
And now I can say that 0.7 beta1 only plays the Wave and the Noise channel with this game. Square 1 and 2 should be there but are inactive.
Here is a video how the game music should sound:

That's all for now, but I let you know if I find more issues.

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