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latest version gamepad issue
First time poster, so I hope you're all gentle on me.

So I'm using a Retrolink SNES gamepad and I've had some serious issues
getting the emu to properly set the d-pad. First off, I checked that Win
has it calibrated and everything seemed working on that end. When I
select "controllers" in settings and click "set all" it selects, in order, up,
right, B, Select, Start, left shoulder, and ends w right shoulder. If I click
(without using "set all") down left or whatnot, it goes thru a different set
of buttons, but still skips some. 

Now, that would be an inconvenience only, but, left can't be set properly.
For instance in DD Advance, pressing left makes my character headbutt
or crouch and he does eventually move left... but it's a mess. Another thing
is setting right or down on the d-pad changes the setting on the left input.

I've tried all the different settings, along with the proper left input, yet the
issue still exists. Some of the new inputs set by pressing other d-pad 
directions are even worse, either no response or doesnt even move anymore
when left is pressed.

Version is 0.7-5200, and thank you for any help provided. I appreciate it!

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