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Language Issue
Yo! I wanted to request help, on latest version of mGBA (0.6.3) on MAC OSX, when I load up for the first time, its not in english. I assumed maybe I downloaded the wrong language version, then I realize thats not available at least that I saw. I believe its in dutch, which I know is a supported language. If anyone knows how to help or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I have seen some threads covering this, but have the issue automatically fixed with a restart. Not the case for me sadly. EDIT: I forgot to add that the game I'm attempting is pokémon emerald, and I made sure i downloaded the english version of the ROM.
The GBA doesn't have regions, so the problem is likely the ROM, despite saying it's in English. What are the checksums (e.g. CRC32, MD5, SHA1)?

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