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Save/load States not working on Super Mario Land 2 DX
Hi endrift!

Lately I've been playing a lot of toruzz's new colourization hack for Super Mario Land 2 found here:

However, I've been experiencing some weird issues when using Savestates and loadstates on multiple builds of mGBA.
I tried RetroArch's, 3DS and Windows build of mGBA (latest nightly) and they all seem to do the same.

You can reproduce the issue by simply starting up a new game, making a savestate in the first level, and then reset the game and try to load the state from ANYWHERE else in the game except the same level (this can be easily tested if you made the save at the fisrt level, and try to load the state from the World map)
The result ends up being Mario/Luigi dying instantly upon loading a state, and the background/level layout being a complete mess.

Other GB/GBC games seem to work fine with states, it's just this hack so far that I am experiencing issues with saving and loading states with.

If you need any more info to debug this, please let me know!
Do you have saving savedata enabled? Try with Wario Land.
Mmmm weird.
I just tried with the latest nightly for Windows, and I can save state just fine.
Though it seems the 3DS and Retroarch WiiU versions are still having that issue.

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