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GB and GBC games running slow.
I just downloaded mGBA 0.5.0 to try out the GB and GBC support. Both platforms run ridiculously slow on my system with mGBA reporting anywhere from 0.5 t0 19 FPS. If I go into the settings Tools/Settings menu and click apply, then GB and GBC games run no problem. I have to do this in the settings menu every time I load a GB or GBC game so I assume it’s a bug with some setting not getting saved. GBA games run without any issues. If anyone has any ideas pleas let me know.

I’m running Windows 10 64bit with 2 Nvidia 980s in SLI, 16 Gigs Ram and Intel Core i7-4790K

I found something new.  If I hit the fast forward button the game will speed up and then resume at the correct speed. I don't have to go into the settings menu.

I've heard of people having issues like this, but only with the EmuCR version, which is not official. Have you been using the official build?

I have used EmuCR versions in the past. I am using the official builds of 0.5.0 now. I deleted the settings folder to make sure I have a fresh install just incase.

I've not been able to reproduce this on my machine.

The program also seems to forget my gamepad settings and I have to reset them every now and then. It's not all the buttons, just the GBA's L and R shoulder buttons. Also I assigned a button the fast forward feature on my remote and it seems to drop that setting as well. I have a Xbox One gamepad. FPS target also doesn't want to save what I set it to.

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