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Want to Buy list
There are several products that would help the development of mGBA. If you would like to sell or donate one of these to mGBA, please contact me at This list will be updated as needed.

  • Mega Man Battle Network 4
  • RockMan.EXE 4.5 Real Operation (Japan only)
  • Mega Man Zero 3
  • Any MBC1M game (usually 2-in-1 games)
  • Command Master (Japan only)
  • Any HuC-3 game
  • Any undumped cartridge
  • Tony Hawk's Motion + Motion Pack
  • Battle Chip Gate + any/all chips
  • Beast Link Gate
  • A DS with video capture (preferably the version by loopy)
Is this a current list, because the Post (and editing) is very old. I like to buy some Games for you, instead of patreon. I like to buy

Tony Hawk‘s Motion EU DS
Barbie Secret Agent+Groovy Games GBA
Is Barbie a 2in1 Game you need?


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