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Issues with 0.6.3
Hi there.

I am posting this in behalf of other people in GBATemp.

Apparently, the 0.6.3 regression caused some issues with some games:

Quote:Pokemon Red/Blue overworld sprites are messed up and menu open/close produces odd effects. All of it still absent on the nightly. Also on GBA Pokemon FireRed runs noticeably slower than LeafGreen. A problem again absent in the latest nightly.

Quote:Stable 0.6.3 has slight audio crackling in Golden Sun.

Quote:Now all that's left is fixing save states. (Try SML2 to see what I mean. Survival Kids is also affected in that big rocks can't be moved by a big stick anymore.)

All of these seem to be reports from the 3DS version of mGBA.
The crackling issue in Golden Sun might be because the user is running mGBA on a 3DS, which doesn't have consistent frame rate with GS or GS2. So that one could be ruled out.

As for the other two, I am not sure, I haven't tested them yet, but the user who reported the Golden Sun crackling issue also confirmed the Red/Blue overworld sprites problem as well.
Pokemon FireRed is noticeably slower at all times than LeafGreen. This does not occur on the latest nightly.
I found a bug in Mortal Kombat - Tournament Edition (USA).

I checked the Wii and PC Version. This only occures in the 3DS Version V.0.6.1, 0.6.2, 0.6.3.
I didn´t check the Nightly.

Edit: This has been taken care of in the latest nightly.

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Hi! v0.6.2 and v0.6.3 seem to have a blank README.html as well as a blank CHANGES.txt. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
It's not intentional; there were some issues with the build system.
I'd like to add some issues I'm having with this new release (official 0.6.3) on Wii:

It didn't happen with 0.6.1 or nightlies before these last updates, but now whenever I launch this application from the Homebrew Channel, the TV loses the image coming from the console, saying that it does not support that resolution. After a while, the screen goes back and you can see the content of your SD/USB, like normal.

Even if you change the Resolution setting to 480P, it still does this if you exit and open mGBA again. I rolled back to 0.6.1 (or a nightly version of it) to be sure it didn't happen before, and the TV doesn't suffer the image loss. This also happens with the 0.6.3 nightlies, but it's a much faster process. The TV goes to black for a moment, like if it was changing to another video format / resolution, but stays in 480P and then shows the tyipcal stuff.

Secondly, I don't know if this is intended, but the A Button on, at least, the Classic Controller does not work in the emulator menus. "Accept" now is the Y Button. This is not something bad per se, just mentioning just in case.

Also, someone in GitHub mentioned a sprite glitch on Sonic Advance 2, I want to confirm that I also experienced this, but unlike the person who brought that up, I can also share that I remember seeing that issue in 0.6.1 from time to time; using a US version of the game.

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